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Athibung scenario, an inhumane depiction

A concerned peace team (Nagaland Peace Centre,  Peren- sub Centre) visited Athibung a day after the fresh clash erupted between the K & K.K factions resulting the death of 3 cadres and creating public fear, unrest and insecurity last Sunday 5th February. It is seen that, the clash that had claimed 6 precious lives since its eruption in Athibung areas as a great unfortunate and immature act that could have prevented had the factions K & K.K) put the matter/crises under a resolving talk in the higher level only. The action tells illogical conclusion and immature decision. No lasting solution can bring about by violence means. Act of anger and hatred will not make any right result rather it makes wrong result out of right cause. Every action for good must be done in the light of truth and right in the eye of God and people not just personal justification or rights. Resorting to violence action will only lead to greater confusion enmity, hatred, and all sort of apprehensions. Only patience act and tolerance attitude toward each others’ limitations, misunderstandings and misgivings can make much better solution and lasting relation. We see no hope for Naga solution to live as one people while we refuse to listen to right conscience speaking to us not to kills but builds people relation, unity and Nation.
The situation demands public intervention with concerted effort to avert the ugly situation and bring normalcy and peace back t the place.  We cannot thrive on to live in hostility and hope to progresss or prosper under tense and insecurity. When national sentiment is replaced by personal selfish motive or sectarian attitude, the end is destruction. The scenario in Athibung today appears as a literal return of the barbaric age, the inhumane Naga head hunting age of the long past. What good or gain or solution can this outdated and brutal action bring to the organization, society or Nation? When we do thing out of anger and hatred we end up reaping greater defeat, failures and utter disappointments. If morale being can behave insane in such a manner, what is human being better then animal?  It is our earnest appeal to both the National workers of both the factions, to restrain violence and initiate steps to resolves the differences through people intervention, participation for creating understanding and Peace. We also urge the factions to cooperate with the public movement for peace in the region. We also express our appreciation to the 32 Tenacious Assam Riffles Coy,  Athibung town for keeping the cease fire ground rules and also keeping the situation under control. We know, the AR men/jawans  are taking the pain and trouble of watching the situation day in and day out for quite some time now. We strongly appeal to both the factions, to hold on to peace and keep the CF ground rules with the Assam Rifles and that not a single/slightest mistake or misgiving is created between the two in discharging duties in and around Athibung Town. It is felt necessary that, civil society organizations and public leaders strive hard to create a new and peaceful situation through public consultation or meeting.
The Nagaland Peace Centre conveys its condolence note to the bereaved families expressing our sorrows and regrets and also wishing them the comfort and blessings of heaven to fall upon the families in great measure in the days to come.

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