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What makes a good teacher

Much has been talked about recently concluded teacher’s recruitment in Nagaland. Many have appeared the exam, and many are yet to go. Opinion and ideas about recruitment process still goes on, many anxiously awaits how things will work out by the concern Department. Educated or uneducated, Reserved or unreserved, recently concluded boycott, many still complains for one reason or the other. Yet, what qualities do we really bear to become a teacher to impart education to our younger generation here in Nagaland for they are the leaders of tomorrow. Teaching can be a blessed profession while sometimes it can also be a curse to our generation.
I have an opinion to share considering the fact that responsibilities of a teacher are a dime of dozen, Teaching, since ages, has been acclaimed as a noble profession where there is dignity, respect, and novelty! To become a good teacher is possible only if one is dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate. A good teacher discovers the hidden talent in a child and polishes it until, the talent shows out in the crowd. According to me, here is what I feel that’s make a good teacher.

A good teacher is one who can connect with his or her students passionately. A teacher who merely enters a classroom, stands there for an hour, reads aloud or dictates from a textbook, and leaves the classroom hurriedly when the school bell rings, is not really a very good teacher. A teacher should be able to strike the right chord with his or her students. He or she should be able to feel the pulse of the classroom and adjust or modify his or her teaching style or mode accordingly.

Communication is vital for anyone with a teaching job to succeed at his or her place of work. Lack of communication skills will only end up with students either not understanding the subject matter at all, hence, all good communicators may not be a good teachers, but all good teachers are always good communicator.
Love for teaching
This is by far, the biggest factor that differentiates between 10 average teachers and 1 great teacher. All great teachers are people who teach simply because they love doing so. It isn’t about the money, or the prestige, or about earning the respect of their students. It is all about the love of teaching. It has all been that way, and it always will.

This I feel, is an important quality of a good teacher and unfortunately, a quality that one gets to see very rarely. A teacher with a I-know-it-all attitude will no doubt impart all his/her knowledge to the students, but rarely will he or she earn the respect or affection of the students.

Listening skills
A good teacher is always a great listener. He or she not only talks, but also keenly listens to all that his or her students have to say. If a certain topic or point is found to be debatable, a good teacher does not hesitate to throw open the topic to the whole class and invite individual opinions on the matter.
In addition to the aforementioned points, here is also what makes a good teacher.
•    A good teacher always motivates a student, no matter how tough the situation is, or how weak the student may be.
•    A good teacher is one who freely jokes around in the class, but is dead serious when the need arises.
•    A good teacher is one who, in short span of time, can turn the dullest and the most dislike subject into your all-time favorite subject.
•    A good teacher is one who is a leader, but also a friend.
•    Last but not the least, a good teacher is one who always remains a student from within.
These are my perspective on what makes a good teacher. A job as a teacher is not easy by stretch of imagination, to become a teacher does require the fulfillment of certain academics qualification, but becoming a good teacher requires something much more than that.

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