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I will not kill anymore

If at all the Government of India (GOI) is sincere in solving the Naga issue, than it would first initiate for the unity of the Nagas and not be satisfied in separating Nagas by artificial state boundaries. GOI is not sincere and will never be. Until and unless all the Naga undergrounds unites and fight for the rightful place for the Nagas in the international community, forget about independence of Nagaland, even autonomy will be a far cry.
I do not understand why Naga undergrounds kills Naga brothers. Who is our enemy? If we are fighting for the sovereignty for the Nagas than, India & Myanmar are suppose to be our enemies. Today our enemy is not India nor Myanmar. But, the real enemy is the evil mind and heart that has creep into the minds of some senseless killers who call themselves the liberators of the Nagas. Killing one’s brother, and justifies it as “capital punishment” or “he has turn rogue” all these sounds so disgusting. No matter how much justification one gives for killing, the present generation will never buy it. A group is killing the other in order have hegemony over the other group and not because of difference in ideology. Alas! Why can’t the good element in the underground organization prevail over the evil one? I know there are many sincere, dedicated and God fearing leader in the underground. Why can’t they condemn the evil doers? Is it so difficult for our underground brothers to unite? If the undergrounds have the same goal and the same heart for Nagas, they must not kill their own brothers. If at all they have the same vision for the future generation, forgiving and uniting should not be a problem. If they have the true Christian spirit in their heart they can easily let their love for the people over come their ego. If the entire underground leaders have Christ in their heart it would be the greatest gift for the Nagas. I will be more than happy if the undergrounds unites and stop killing own brothers. If it is so, I will double my tax.
Life is too precious. Life once lost will never come back. Never, just imagine, never ever in the entire eternity. God has made man in his image. And He will surely not forgive the killers. God did not bless Cain who killed his brother, Abel. Killers who want to rule by spilling blood will never get to rule. I, for one would never want to be liberated and ruled by organization with innocent bloods in their hands. A nation founded on blood will never be blessed by God. By killing we have turned rogue in the eyes of God. All of us who donate or pay taxes, to the groups that kills, are responsible for the bloods that are spilled.
Directly or indirectly we are paying for those killer bullets. We call ourselves Christian at the same time we contribute to those groups by which they buy bullets to kill. One day we all will be held accountable for every precious soul lost. Our names are written on every bullet that have killed precious lives. We must all with one accord say no more tax to any group or groups that sheds blood. Today, I have pledged not to pay any taxes to the group or groups that shed blood. "I will not kill anymore". What about you?

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