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Response to GK Pillai’s grand findings of china’s Covert Hands In North East India

GK Pillai findings highlighted in Nagaland Post, dated Feb.15, 2012, under the caption “China given evidence of its aid to NE insurgents,” gives one the impression that China has finally been cornered with undeniable evidences of aiding her Mongolian cousins in the North East in their struggle for their political freedom. My reply as a Mongolian Naga to this grand accusation is: “SO WHAT.” On top of it, my counter question is: Did you Dravido-Aryans, also not help your Tamilian cousins in Sri lanka in their fight for their political freedom from the Sinhalese?
 Mr. Pillai and all Indian leaders must all get this historical fact very clear into their heads that not even one inch of present day so called North East India had ever belonged to any Hindu or Muslim rulers in the bygone eras of India’s Sub- Continent history. If they want to dispute my claim, let them produce just one historical sentence that can proof that any Hindu or Muslim Ruler or Emperor had ever been able to cross the Brahmaputra River to rule any part of North East India from human history’s inception to date. Their claim that North East India is a part of Bharat or Hindustan is just a sheer unhistorical and nonsensical theory bequeathed to them by their former British colonizers who- perhaps in order to assuage their guilt of having ransacked South Asia’s national wealth to built England- left them a parting gift that has instead of blessing them, cursed them for all these 62 years (1947-2012). After all how much money, time and human lives have this battle to keep North East India a part of mainland India cost India?
Yes, our big brother China has been helping us- smaller brothers- for all these years in our struggle of defending our history and independence from the Indian and Burmese invasion of our ancestral lands. On our part we have no apology to make to anybody for this brotherly help provided by an elder brother. I am also sure, our elder brother also has no apology to make to any Dravido- Aryan or Caucasian or Negroid races for helping their younger brothers. We, Mongolians have not - even one moment- ever entertained any stupid notion that a Hindutva’s pantheistic philosophy has any right to claim any other nation as part of their great Hindu Umbrella. We are also not disillusioned by any misconception that only India and Burma are the only two nations on earth to dictate on any other smaller or bigger neighbor nations. We, your smaller neighbor nations have also been inhabiting this great Asian nation with our own distinct political and geographical identities for all these past thousand years of Asian history. As for defending that inalienable political and historical right, we Nagas will seek not only China’s help but even the whole world’s help to once and for all proof to the world that Nagas or Nagaland has never ever been a part of India in human history prior to the treacherous betrayal of the British Imperial power in 1947.
Our independent history of having inhabited our independent country is as old as indigenous Adivasi or Santal history that predated the Aryan invasion of India from 12000 BC onwards. Like the Santals who revolted against the British in 1855, we Nagas too had been defending our country against the British intrusion even as early as 1832- which is long before your Sepoy Mutiny of 1857. No modern Indian historians will ever be able to plough, uproot or erase such thousands of kilometers of Asian history and claim that Nagas are Indians and Nagaland is Hindustan.

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