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Dear Local Traders Union, Super Market Kohima (LTUSMK)

Every house owner has the right to ask his/her tenant to shift or move out. Whenever the owner wants his house renovated he can ask the tenant to shift somewhere else or move out. Remember every building commercial or residential have owner/owners who have every right to do whatever he/she wants with their property. In the case of super market Kohima, Government is the owner of the house and LTUSMK are the tenants. When super market was under construction did any of the tenants contribute for the construction i.e physically or financially? NO. Does the LTUSMK think they have inherited Kohima supermarket from their forefathers? NO. Did the Government lease them the place for their life time? NO. If the building owner was a private individual will the LTUSMK go to court? NO. I think kicking you (LTUSMK) out was the wisest and the best decision Government has ever taken till date. Remember Government is the owner of the building and you can't take it for granted.
For all the whiners who think it is wrong to kick out the tenants (LTUSMK), once Supermarket is demolished and reconstructed please don’t go and shop there. Just watch once a mega mall comes up LTUSMK will be the first to issue press statement that the members deserve to be given first preference. Please Government of Nagaland, please don't make another mistake again and make sure laws are amended and enacted with proper documents between the tenants and the Government of Nagaland, no middle man please. Please do away with the allotment systems to well wishers and people who have connection. Government is investing, Government need to make a return. Please do away with subsidized rent once the shopping complex is completed. Commercial value is too high for a place like super market kohima, Government should use it to generate money to maintain it and run the complex once completed.
P.S God forbid but if there is a major earthquake and the roof of supermarket collapses. Imagine the catastrophe.  How much compensation will the Government have to pay you (LTUSMK). Be thankful that the Government cares for you but you (LTUSMK) still think your right is suppressed. May be it’s a calling from God to make you stay safe. So shut up and move out, Government have given you enough time since August 1, 2003.
Vikeduo Linyü  
Kuda village, Dimapur

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