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A Poor Father’s story and RTE 2012

“All my children studied in Govt . School and only from the high school level they went to the private schools because they didn’t have class IX in the Govt schools in my colony . Had it not been for Govt schools perhaps my children would never have been to school.  It’s good that Govt schools are there for poor parents like me. Elder ones have graduated and now looking for jobs, sitting for various central govt service exams. There is no hope for my children to get state Govt jobs but it’s ok, my children are hard working and they did well in all the exams so I am hopeful that they will definitely get jobs through their own merit someday. I have done what I can for them, now they will have to do what they can.
But my younger children are still studying in the Govt School in the lower section. I paid more than Rs. 400 for my youngest one, and more than Rs.500 for the elder one as admission fee this year also. Govt schools provide meals/rice for the children but as per my observation, this is all not happening regularly. I stay near the school where my children study. Occasionally I use to see truckloads of rice and other food items being unloaded in the school premises. They use to cook once in a while during some special occasions, but that’s all. Two or three times last year, both my children brought some few kilos of rice from the school. After few days we see the teachers distributing these items among themselves and taking big bags to their own homes. They get lots of money as salary, why they have to take away such things meant for poor children? They don’t even teach the children properly. If they teach them properly, its ok. Let them take my children’s share also. Most times they don’t come to school also. They make adjustments among themselves. And even when they come to school, they don’t give much time for the children. I cannot afford to send my children to private schools that’s why I send them to Govt schools. I have no choice. I wish they also are sincere like the private school teachers. I want my children to get good education like other children in the private schools.
Last year also the text books came so late, children didn’t have text books to study. Some few children had text books, so they shared among themselves. This year also, children are yet to receive the books. God only knows when they will receive. If we the poor illiterate parents complain maybe they will target our children and may not give admission again next year, what to do…”
(In 2011, Nagaland Govt /Deptt declared that Right to Education will be implemented by 2012. Its February 2012.This honest and hard working poor illiterate father who aspires that his children get good education doesn’t know anything about RTE  ...)
K. Ela

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