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Naga political struggle not based on race or religion

At the height of the Assam Police notoriety against young NNC, the Naga Youth Volunteers of the Villages asked for an immediate urgent meeting in the jungle near Khar Kolak a famous mountain Peak in Ao area. Late Mr. Imkongliba Vice President NNC and General Secretary Imnaonen went to the secret meeting. In the gathering, the angry youths all armed with sharpened Daohs asked for an immediate answer from the two elderly Leaders whether the people should remain in folded hands while the Police go about freely burning houses, destroying properties and abusing he Villager.
It was very difficult for the two leaders to give an immediate answer and calm the impatient agitated youths; they answered they can not give an immediate answer above the NNC Policy of NON-VIOLENCE. The two Leaders can not state a policy different from that of the Central Body.
Non-Violence is not Naga Nature but the NNC adopted it in conformity with Mahatma Gandhi’s struggle for Indian Independence. Violence was started from the Indian side in its attempt to nib the bud of the NNC.
The noted Sri Lankan Writer Sumathy Sivamohan is reported to have praised ‘Heroic Mothers’ in Sri Lanka who have taught their children not to join the forcible recruitment of Tamil children into the LTTE in Sri Lanka. It is often Writers are the main Agents of preserving one’s priceless Freedom of Expression  and of Conscience.
I admire Kaka Iralu’s Freedom of Expression greatly and of his bold Opinions. In Nagaland today we do not perhaps have much of grown-up Youths like   Kaka’s bold convictions. I know Kaka a little: he is not a violent man, he is not fanatic, he is a thorough gentlemen with fine good sense, patriotic and perhaps with good appetite! But I sometimes feel Kaka’s strong patriotism produces unexpected magnetic irruptions in the Sun as to disturb his cool.
Kaka’s ‘Reply’, on the recent Retired India Home Secretary: G.K. Pillai’s claim China is helping North East Militants, is a little inflated. There is no denying the fact China has helped the Nagas. I have personally been told by former Army Chiefs of the NNC they had memorable stay in China as Guests of the PLA and Mr. Muivah’s training on Maoism in China is an open Secret today.
In that matter, it is a fact even Pakistan and Bangladesh had been kind to the Nagas though they are ‘Pucca’ Muslim countries, Pakistan even violent and Nagas, showy Christians. The two Muslim Nations are non-mongolian but they were kind to the Naga Nationalists.
When the powerful use force on the weak, the latter has nothing but to take up any thing around to protect his life and Nagas could do nothing when powerful India imposed force on them. The Bible has a story of a young tender shepherd having nothing took up stones and pebbles from the river to fight a giant.
In my opinion on China’s kindness to the Nagas, was a peanut ‘Bokshis’ not based on the Naga’s racial affinity with it. The Tibetans are no less Mongolian than the Nagas, yet today China is in no mood to be considerate to the Tibetans.
Nakedly I would say; Chinas assistance to the Nagas was to weaken and embarrass India, -China’s only possible Asia Competitor. China and India are regional power Competitors: the Angamis have a saying: “Thechhümie Kemhiemvüya” (Equals often rivals) –understandable among human beings.
The Naga political Struggle is not based on Race or Religion but on:
I. Non-Violence unless attacked with Force.
II. Democratic historical Facts of the Nagas.
Politics based on RELIGION and RACE is incompatible to Modern democratic idea of ‘Nation-State’; modern Nagas also must add SECULARISM to its initial NNC political Principles. In addition, how Nagas treat its minorities -nagas or not in their Society- and how they treat the Gender equality question, will determine how the world would view the quality of Naga political movement.

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