I came across a quote once which says, the walls we built to protect ourselves out of fear becomes the very things that enslaves us. I guess that as Christians we have all come across the verse, ‘fear not’’. But I feel that Our nation today is bowing down out of fear, we see injustices being committed to us everywhere by others, like ,  leaders of NSCN (IM) being stopped by Indian forces, trying to sow seeds of discords among factions and now having the upper hand by taking advantage of the crippled state of our Nation. But sadly we hear neither remorse nor condemnations except some few who are aware of the true reality. We have all come across the verse Rev 3:16, which says, so, because you are lukewarm-neither hot nor cold- I am about to spit you out of my mouth. I believe that indifferent attitude or complacency is a sin, Indifference is a lack of emotion or feeling, impassiveness and Complacence is defined as “contented self-satisfaction or Total lack of concern for others. We must remember that justice doesn’t mean breaking down Government offices and demanding your every whims and rights but justice means to loose the chains of injustice of others, to set the oppressed free, to share your food, clothe the naked and provide shelter to the wanderer.

 I guess many have thought that this sovereignty issue doesn’t concern them and so remain indifferent to the many things taking place around but never realising that they are in danger of losing our unique identity. We think that our identity as a Naga will be brought  by the undergrounds  and cares less about what happens  to them or how they are being treated by  the India counterparts but sadly this selfishness affects us all now and the coming generations too, How the Indians treats them is how they are treating each Naga. I hope that we have not forgotten our god given identity as a unique people destined for something greater, to be the head and not the tail. When David showed up at the battlefield to take on Goliath, no one thought of him as a warrior. At that point he was really known to the world as a musician in Sauls court. But David did not let the world determine his identity. He knew the Lord had anointed him to be a leader, victor and protector of Israel. The Israelites was a chosen people, God made them different from others, they were warriors and none could conquer them but once the outside influence came in they began to become like others, instead of influencing others they began to let others influence them and so they started losing their identity and so also their powers and soon they became slaves in Egypt for 1000 years until they repented and God gave them their identity back. How sad it is if we lose our God given identity.

 I would like to call upon our Naga brothers and sisters not to lose faith in your spirit of truth and justice, how you embraced and fought for your God given identity. An American said that  in a book in British library in England he read about how when the Britishers  were  about to leave India they asked the hill tribes what they wanted  and when others remained silent, Nijevi swu stood and said I have never been under anyone and I want my  freedom as before. God knows our every work and what we have done to protect this Nation for so long. There is a need to persevere and not to lose hope and be fragmented. Many people today have become too materialistic and are willing to sell out their birthrights for even a mere dime just like Esau who sold his birthright to his brother for a plate of meal and later he hated himself for it.  I hope we do not become like Esau and remember that the present generation has the responsibility for the future generation who are innocent and so I  hope that every Nagas do not remain a silent spectator but to reconcile themselves to God and claim their God given identity.
Reliable Aye

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