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The Other Form of Custodial Killing -More Summary and More Evangelical Execution

They came in group; they are youth organization; men and women endorsed by the village authority to contain crimes-drinking, selling drinks in any form, thief and others. These village youths, including women have been actively responding to any report they would term “unlawful” under the village jurisdiction. The village, indeed, has borne the brunt of both the so called “unchristian and unlawfully” as well as these so called “lawful” exercise as empowered by the village authority.
The one “good thing” about “lawful practice” such as this if to be accounted for, is fear and the capacity to hide their perpetual habits without reduction of crime level or, for those matter endemic capacity social problems at variable levels and standard. To adopt an action plan or approach that is achievable in order to stop crimes by reorienting efforts available at village level is appreciated/worth doing.
Given the fact about the nature of our brokenness the call for collective participation is genuine while motivation by emotion owing to isolated and outrageously disturbing by any standard should be discouraged. In an environment such as ours, passing the buck to alcohol abuses the menace of controlled substances/drugs illegal collection or taxation by different establishments or organization can be, I imagine to presume, spring from grounds we have been associating with since considerable time from now.
While serious concern invites collective and actionable and result-oriented approach, limit or range of exercise to evade untoward offshoot aggravating situation that is already saturated, is not to be totally condoned. Recent happening at a village resulting in brutal murder has brought every right thinking citizen to sharp focus. The concern village youth organization and women folks an elderly man allegedly on ground of bottle legging (selling alcohol). This elderly who was a perpetual drinker was blindfolded and scourged and the biting multiplied as the man under their Youth and women custody did not recant or admitted to charges of bottle legging. He died a cruel death in the hand of village youth and women society.
What is most disturbing about this gruesome act is that while the victim succumbed to excessive hitting, the tormentors or those who perpetual the crime perfunctorily responded to inquisitive quarries on the most unwanted incident that “he was a sick man, he was about his end due to his drinking habit”. Leaders of youth and women organizations are, indeed, very responsible persons in the village level. They are church workers. They are empowered by village authority to control crimes in the village. The question is not empowered or the idea of reducing or minimizing crimes in all good faith, it is the killing or the way a life is taken from a human person. If it is not summary execution, what is? If it is not custodial or extra judicial killing, what is the other valid reason? Is the Village authority that empowers the youth and women bodies to kill immune from universal human rights violation. Is the so called “authority” free from murder? Such question do not direct at any particular village authority or any individual organization. It is cold blooded murder. The victim was blind-folded and scourged by “all” members/persons. Is alcohol selling-even if the victim was one-criminal deserving such public condemn, scourging and death? What law does justify this act?
No matter the term or condition the aggrieved party and perpetrator of such crime might have arrived at under any circumstances, the criminal or perpetrator of such crime must stand trial, so that the whole world should know that such act or crime is not repeated in the larger issue of human rights and the “right to life” as it stands tallest!.
The writer is doing Ph.D at Jawaharlal Nehru University, can be reached at

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