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You are not fair to the fair sex

They go up like a satellite launched into space but fall like an object pulled down by gravity.  No guesses, I am talking about career women. Decades ago, the birth of a girl was considered a misfortune. Times have changed and now the birth of a girl is being cherished.

Her parents then take up the Herculean task of finding the girl admission to a reputed school. They even switch jobs to relocate their homes to facilitate her studies. They are happy when she comes back home reciting the rhymes taught in the class. They sacrifice their leisure to accompany her to the dance, music and abacus classes. They are proud when she participates in inter-school competitions. They are on cloud nine when she wins competitions, creating chaos and havoc in the neighbourhood. They apply for leave or change their office timings to accompany her to the coaching classes.

They are elated when she secures good scores in the board exam and gets into a top ranking college. They spend their savings for her hostel fee and other expenses to ensure a comfortable stay. They are ecstatic when she gets placement in campus recruitment.  They boast about their daughter to every single person they come across in their life time. They are speechless when she gives them her first month's salary. They are contended when they get her married to the groom of their choice.

And comes the day when she is forced to resign the job and end the career to join her spouse on his transfer for his promotion and pay hike. The agony that her parents undergo cannot be written in words. They are unable to save their daughter's career lest they antagonise their son-in-law.

Do we do justice to the career of a married woman in India?
The answer is an affirmative “no.” This sort of injustice can be ended only when the mindset of every husband changes. The word ‘better half' gets its meaning only when life is a union of husband plus wife with full recognition and respect for her career choice.

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