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The Hands Full of Glory

In the United States, one of the best basketball players of all time was Michael Johnson. Although he is retired now but he still is a legend in the game he once played. He is also remembered by many because of his faith in Jesus. It is possible that some may not agree with this statement, no-one can deny that Johnson’s importance within the world of basketball was enormous that very few players have managed to attract so many spectators to the game the way he played. He did hands that were extremely large, which allowed him to catch the ball with amazing ease. He was even able to perform various circles with one arm, without losing his grip of the ball. What incredible hands!
In the history of mankind there existed a pair of hands that were without equal. Hands that healed, hands that cared, strong hands, and full of power. Hands that touched his fellow man, there are hands that communicate and expressed love.
There are hands that worked hard, and are roughed in the service of others. Hands that always gave and did not ask there are hands full of glory like the hands of Jesus. When no-one else offered their hands to aid the downtrodden, Jesus helped them. When no-one touched leapers for fear of catching the disease, and they were considered outcasts, Jesus drew near to them and took their hands. Yes, the people knew the hands Of Jesus because His hands are always available for help.
Whenever people brought the sick to Jesus, He laid His hands on them, His hands never is tried of doing good. When the crowds were hungry, Jesus took a little food in His hands and it multiplies. One day he touched a young girl, who had died, and immediately life returned to her, and on another occasion He touched the eyes of a blind man, and He saw the light for the first time in His life. Many people came to Jesus and asked Him to put His hands on them or a sick loved in. In all the places where Jesus journeyed, people exclaimed about the miracles His hands performed. Hands full of glory; they were the hands of God.
One day those hands were nailed to the cross. They were pierced, wounded and broken, they bled and suffered immense pain, tendons were ripped, and muscles torn. Those hands took on the pain of the world. On the cross, Jesus suffered the punishment for all the sin of the world, and He himself had not done anything wrong, ever! Jesus yielded up His powerful hands out of love, even for those who killed him. He knew that through his death, he was giving us life.
The story does not finish there! Jesus conquered death and rose again in power. When he appeared to His disciples, He shows them His nail-scared hands as proof of the pain God suffered for mankind. He said, ‘look at My hands’, and He blessed the people as He had done so many times before. The same Lord Jesus has promised us that ‘no one can snatch from His hands’. The most secure place we could be in, is in His hands.
Do you know that even today, in heaven, Jesus’ hands retain the scars? No-one need explanation to God about the debts of their pain; He already knows. He took the pain of the world on himself, and in His hands. Even today the heavenly hosts give glory to God of the world on Himself, and in His hands. Even today the heavenly hosts give glory. The hands of Jesus are the glorious hands of God!
The scars that Jesus bears in His hands are the greatest proof of God’s pain on our behalf!
Blessings in the scars of Jesus’ hand.
Thamsing Lamkang
Pastor, LBC,
Iralibil, Dimapur

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