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The serial discrimination against people of North East India

The Foundation is seriously concerned about the continue  serial or alternate attacks on the people of North East India, who have been settling and studying in New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and other Metro-cities of India. According to the North East Support Centre’s Delhi report in its official website ( it was found that more than 9 people(s) from Indigenous Tribal Communities and Non- Indigenous Communities from the North East India were attacked by the local residence since January, 2012, without any fault of their own. Whereas, the North-eastern people living in Indian cities had faced problems of adjustment over cultural and other social norms of mainland India, it is unfortunate that they were targeted and assaulted physically and sexually. Many of such attacks and assaults, especially on women from the North East India have been unrecorded due to fear of social stigma and boycott in Indian cities and from their own communities at home. All such despicable treatment meted out to them must be stopped, condemned in a most serious and highest manner, and action oriented measures must be taken to safeguard their interest and their collective ends.    
Taking serious note of such attacks, it is felt that these incidences are a direct discrimination against the North East People in general and an indigenous Tribal people in particular, The Foundation, therefore, urged the concerned competent authorities to upheld the various provisions of both National and International laws and prevent the occurrence of such unwanted happenings and protect the peoples from the North East India. Some of the International law with regards to such discrimination is as follows:
1. The Convention on the Elimination of All forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) was ratified by India  and therefore must be strictly promoted and protection given to women at all cost for the end of justice.
2. The UN Declaration on All Forms of Racial Discrimination provides for all human beings to safeguards their reputation and personal liberty and it should be strictly executed as provided in the declaration.
3. The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) Article 26 and 27 provides “all persons are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. In this respect, the law shall prohibit any discrimination and guaranteed to all persons equal and effective protection against discrimination... On the other hand, the state in which ethnic, religious, or linguistic minorities exist, persons belonging to such minorities shall not be denied the right, in community with the other members of their group…
4. That, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) Articles 2 and 21(1) provides every indigenous tribal peoples the rights to enjoy freedom and equality from any kind of discrimination in relation to health and social security, origin or identity, education, employment etc.
5. That, the said UNDRIP Article 22(2) provides every indigenous tribal people to enjoy the full protection from the state against all forms of violence and discrimination.

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