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Nagaland Moan

As I am committed to the service of God and Humanity and in this developing world, I must exercise the faith in God for the well being of humanity like anybody. I would like to enjoy the pleasure of this world and live long. But I am not called to live like that. I am called to do God’s will. I am not worried about anything. I do not fear any man, because there is no fear in love. With the love of God and with the goodwill of man there can be peace even without ‘Peace agreement’. The unjust cannot make real peace, solution and unity. The true leaders should not allow the prevalence of perpetuating politics. Today it has become very difficult to detect what is original and what is duplicate or what is right and what is wrong. So also what is flesh and what is spirit. But thank God, there is nothing impossible for the Godly people to detect and understand issues and situations.
Now, with the divine inspiration from God, I want to put forward the following plain truths to the people of Nagaland towards a ‘permanent peace & solution’.:-
(1)     Govt. of India and the Govt. of Nagaland must shift the race (policy)of destroying the ‘self determination’(freedom of a people) under the cover of “Cease fire agreements” into a real peaceful race of settlement.
(2)    As a matter of fact, India caused unbearable pains and loss to the Nagas but Jesus Christ suffered and shed blood both for the people of India and Nagaland.
(3)    India should beg forgiveness from Nagaland for their oppression, discrimination, humiliation and tortures meted out to the Nagas.
(4)    Nagas (Christians) should ask God to deliver Indians from its sins of genocide meted out to the Nagas.
(5)    Nagas should prepare to make Nagaland- “the Pride of India” and “a House of Light to the world”.
(6)    Nagas should ask God to use them to take the Gospel to the whole of India (not to make believe Christianity)but to produce many people of God in India.
(7)    Satan don’t respect or fear your status, position, your party, your what not sophisticated deadly weapons even preparations for “Star wars”, your strong armies, your sharpest swords because they are all Satan’s weapons. Satan only fears Holy Spirit and truth in you. Satan gives your wants but God gives your needs.
(8)    Satan fears the natural calamities but God created it and holds it. Satan kills and destroys, but God chastens and saves.
(9)    Nagaland may not be such a big state to India but the Naga Christians are a great and strong people under God for India and a visible people in the world.
(10)    It is not easy to love who oppressed and discriminate us but Nagas  must love India with super natural love. Because natural love (that is God’s love) wins and conquers.
(11)    Let India make Nagaland for India so that Nagaland will make India a helping Nation to the weaker Nations of the world.
(12)    Naga leaders who become landlords and money lords at the expense of public pains should come to the sense of shame.
(13)    We should understand that wine/liquor users or sellers only gets spoil their image and lives but it is the Govt’s machineries that corrupt the society.
(14)    Today’s politician & their politics has poisoned people’s river as much as the village well.
(15)    Politicians/political parties led by people in the 80’s and 90’s that need to change.
(16)    Time urges to call a “youth Summit” which we hope will serve as an important platform for the youth to be heard in all walks of society.
(17)    O’ Dear Mother-Nagaland, what hinders you from proper prospering is a big question in the minds of the promising youth of Nagaland.
(18)    Elders/leaders of Nagaland should come to the sense of what the  youth of Nagaland is thinking about politics, their economic future and their social attitude.
(19)    Which of the two, the Nagas (Christians)of Nagaland choose- “worldliness” or  “Godliness”?
(20)    Will the Nagas of Nagaland continue depending on others from chilly to rice all the ages to come? When shall we be doing for export of our made/product to outside Nagaland?
(21)    How much crores of money has Govt. of India poured to Nagaland for its development since Statehood. Is the development atleast 20% worth the money?
(22)    Youth of Nagaland will not allow “corruption” to be the culture of their society. Children of corrupt leaders should be ashamed of their parents.
(23)    Dear Money minded, festival minded, immoral minded leaders, do you really  ever thought of yourself things like, why am I in this job? What am I doing for my people? Is public money my money? How is my speeches going? What do my politics deliver? How is my activities being taken note of, by my common people? How would I like to see the progress of my Mother Nagaland? Am I really a committed (visionary) and dedicated to serve my people?
(24)    As long as there is money minded, pleasure minded and immoral minded people among the leaders, Nagaland will continue to be a kind of “Sodom and Gomorrah” of this 21st Century (just as we see today).
(25)    Nothing but Nagas enemies are : tribalism, factionalism, money rule, immoralities in every nook and corner, shameless corruption by the educated class of people and misuse of election conduct so on and forth, and these are the weapons of Satan. The devil works diligently to set up strongholds in personal life, in the family, in the Govt, in the churches and in the whole of Naga society. Satan is in no hurry, he takes his time to work out his plan.
(26)    Today’s problem is the problem of making “wrong things” into “right things” and “make believe”. Let us understand that tuberculosis affects the lungs, wrong politics affects the land. It is a fact that today’s youth problem is the bye-products of elders/leaders wickedness in the high places be at Church or State.
It is readily seen that hundreds and thousand intellectual youths of Nagaland are being tangled up by the politics of wrong leaders (sub-standard politicians). Whether we want it or not. Nagaland is heading for a young revolution. And it is a great force if we properly and sincerely channelize it. I feel that the youngsters need unbiased and crystal clear direction. I have a strong conviction that our youth can politically, socially, educationally and economically make Nagaland- “a cheerful land in the world”.
Let us be watchful and be wise! Because the days are evil ! No other option but to raise the man-accused Cross of Jesus Christ to establish a righteous Government in the God gifted soil of Nagaland.

INESCAPABLE:- In God’s plan by His grace, through the American Servants of God; Nagas who were brave head hunters converted into soul hunters; absolutely surrendered their land to Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the World, the Prince of Peace, that is “Nagaland for Christ”. And we, the Nagas, believers and followers of Jesus Christ must fulfill the plan of God or else face the wrath of God.
Can we face His wrath ???
“Persons – who are not death to clanism, tribalism, casteism and communalism have no reason to be a leader”.
“I have never looked for success. I feel any work should be done with sincerity and with the desire for a better outcome and that is what I do”.

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