• Hornbill Festival: People & Culture
    AkangjunglaHornbill Festival billed by the Government of Nagaland has arrived for its 24th edition. Conceptualised in the year 2000, the Hornbill Festival dubbed as ‘Festival of Festivals,’ is a ten day ann
  • Plastic Pollution Puzzles
    Imlisanen JamirPlastic is a material of endless possibilities. It can carry groceries and capture images; it forms ski jackets, desk chairs, toothbrushes, and suitcases. All these diverse applications stem from
  • Hornbill’s Kisama: A Global Village
    Dr Asangba TzüdirPreparations for Hornbill 2023, which is the 24th edition, is underway in full swing and in a few days, the biggest fiesta in Nagaland is going to come alive having set the stage not only to b
  • Beyond numbers
    Moa JamirNavigating challenges and imperatives to address gender-based violence in NagalandUnder the theme, “Invest to Prevent Violence Against Women & Girls!,” the International Day for the Elimination
  • SEZ misadventure
    Imkong WallingThe push made by the Government of Nagaland to develop business-friendly trade zone(s) along the state’s foothills, at face value and by precedent, holds water. It draws economic legitimacy from
  • Watchdog or Lapdog
    Imlisanen JamirIn recent times, Nagaland has grappled with the challenge of fragmented decision-making, particularly concerning issues that affect the diverse tribes within the state. The proposal for an 'apex
  • Reimagining Church: Addressing social issues
    AkangjunglaWhen it comes to talking about churches and faith-based organisations, and their social responsibilities, the general attitude has been very cynical. One of the reasons leading to this condition coul
  • Quality with Quantity
    Dr Asangba TzudirThe new estimates by the Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report shows that 244 million children and youth between the ages of 6 and 18 worldwide were still missing out on school in 2021. In s
  • Tackling Nagaland’s Economic Issues
    Moa JamirReport decodes frequent New Delhi dashes & offers policy imperativesUndoubtedly, Nagaland’s economy heavily relies on the financial support of the Union Government to ensure the smooth functionin
  • Identity is not static
    All of us have inherent identities, in fact, we have a multiplicity of identities that are constantly evolving, and are manifested depending on the situation and context. The multitude of ethnicities that contr
  • Navigating the dynamic media landscape
    AkangjunglaThe National Press Day – an annual event is observed annually ‘symbolic of a free and responsible press in India.’ The day commemorates the establishment of the Press Council of India (PCI) in
  • The Battle for Truth
    Imlisanen JamirIn a world devoid of journalism, the daily fabric of our lives would be stripped of the rich tapestry that we often take for granted. While you might still receive tomorrow's weather forecast, th
  • For a Safe Festive Season
    Dr Asangba TzudirThe festive season, especially the end of the year is always a time to look forward to because of the fun, enjoyable and merry making activities that comes with it. It is that time of the year
  • Clear ambiguity
    Moa JamirThe Eastern Nagaland Peoples’ Organisation (ENPO) recently announced its decision to boycott the upcoming Hornbill Festival for the second consecutive year, exposing what appears to be a mishandling
  • New law, same mess
    Imkong WallingSometime in January 2017, as Nagaland headed for a violent showdown over elections (or not to be) to the Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) with 33 percent of the seats reserved for women, there appeared i
  • Finding hope in troubled times
    By Imlisanen JamirIn an era where the weight of the world's troubles seems to press relentlessly upon us, one can't help but wonder if these are the darkest days humanity has ever faced. Political turmoil, the
  • A rebirth of journalism
    Akangjungla A substantial portion of the public hold on to a number of misperceptions about media and the role it plays as a public service. Recently, with the mushrooming of aspiring citizen journalism an
  • Education and Human Development
    Dr Asangba TzudirA recent talk show called “The Lungleng Show” hosted Dr Kehrie Yhome, Advisor for School Education and SCERT for a one to one dialogue on Nagaland’s Education system. The talk engaged in
  • Nagaland ULBs Issue lingers
    Moa JamirThe Nagaland Legislative Assembly (NLA) is scheduled to convene for a special (Emergent) session on November 9, with the primary agenda reportedly being the Nagaland Municipal (Bill) 2023. The bill was
  • The Misuse of Development
    Humankind has begun to realize that throughout history we have been living in a mutually dependent and interconnected world. However, humanity is also faced with multiple closures of our physical and democratic