• Make mulled wine tonight
    The traditional mulled wine is wine that has spices added to it. It may also include citrus, such as orange or lemon. It is served warm, but is not boiled, because boiling would cause the alcohol to evaporate.
  • Put Christ into Christmas
    It is sad to see that the festival of Christmas is so glamorized by the ad-world and by other people for their selfish motives. Even the word, "Christmas" has been reduced to "X-Mas". Many s
  • Funny & Interesting Christmas Facts Surrounding Christmas Celebrations
    'Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way' - this is a Christmas carol most of us are familiar with. Santa is a vibrant part of Christmas and the day dedicated to Jesus Christ is unthinkable without the goo
  • Peace for today and tomorrow
    Just before Jesus’ departure from this world, He did many of the things dying persons do. He gave His friends last instructions. He prayed for them a last touching prayer. He instituted an impressive ordi
  • Arcane Aspirations
    We all had an ambition once in our childhood; some of us have changed that towards something else, and some still hold onto it. At some junctures, some have drastically tainted their inclinations. The same thin
  • Finding peace in service
    True spirituality lies not just in meditation and mantras but in service and seva, discovers Reena Singh as she talks to people who have spent years doing community service and volunteer work.In all religions,
  • The Naga Blog
    How does RTI help in curbing corruption in Nagaland?(Related to Joshua Sheqi's write up in the newspapers published on 14th Dec'11)Kekhrie Sorhie: YouthNet members have been warned on several occasions by many
  • A Breather… But For How Long?
    (Left) Man made spring courtesy of PHED department! A woman is seen collecting water at the side of the road at Razhu point, Kohima. (Right) Pipe leakage at Oking Hospital stretch. An article was published
  • Manish presents India-inspired collections
    (Left) Manish Malhotra at India Resort Fashion Week 2011. (Right) Model in Manish Malhotra at India Resort Fashion Week 2011. Indian tradition and aesthetics have become such an important part of Manish Ma
  • 7 Winter Skin Myths
    1. MYTH: The thicker the cream, the better it hydrates.TRUTH: "Concentrated doesn't necessarily equal optimum hydration," says Annet King, director of training and development for the International De
  • Long live Christmas….and good food!
    Only an avid food lover can whip up such a delicious Christmas tale. Author of bestsellers such as 'A Winter's Tale', 'Chocolate Wishes' and 'Wedding Tiers', Trisha Ashley brings newness to the romantic comedy
  • 14 Budget-Friendly Christmas Decorating Ideas
    1. Branch OutGo branch hunting outside. Spray-paint the branches in a silver or gold, pop them in a vase and voilà ... elegant holiday decor. Take it a step further and dangle some ornaments on them or tie
  • Michael Bublé Christmas Review
    Men at Work, Ex-East 17 singer Brian Harvey and A Flock of Seagulls: three of a tiny handful of acts technically active in 2011 not releasing a Christmas album this year. For the indie kids there’s Emmy t
  • Music giving India's young a new voice
     (L): Arijit Data and four others make up the band Airport. (R): Residents of Dharavi make music on whatever they can find. Young people in India are using music as a way to express self-confidence, a
  • What is the Hornbill Festival according to you?
    Vikeduo Linyü: What is Hornbill festival according to you? Is it really helping the youths of Nagaland to learn about culture? Is it really a celebration of our culture or muddu culture?T Senti Aier: To me
  • German artists connect to India with hip-hop graffiti
    A 50-yard stretch of a boundary wall behind the German Embassy overlooking the Nehru Park in the posh diplomatic enclave in the capital has become a live hip-hop graffiti art memorial. A graffiti message, "
  • Photography Tips: Produce Terrific Black & Whites
    Digicams can take beautiful monochrome shots, but you'll need to do more than Just flip the switch to B&W mode.Shoot in color.Digicams grab a wider range of tones in color mode because they're capturing dat
  • In Love With All Things Wood
    (From Top to Bottom) 1. Perfect for the plastic conscious! Christmas trees made from Bamboo in various sizes, on sale at Kisama.2. Earrings made entirely of wood for the style sirens of Nagaland.3. Even the cat
  • Naga Producer makes Bollywood Film “Give Love a Try”
    Soon after the successful story of the 1st project “Beyond the 3rd Kind" is ready to be on air, Rebbecca the lone Producer among Nagas in Mumbai, running the Findz Studio with her co-partner Shiraj,
  • Michelin chef's Spanish delights with local Indian produce
    Michelin Star Chef Daniel Lopez at the West View in ITC Maurya in New Delhi. (Photo: Suvendu Banerjee)Michelin Star Chef Daniel Lopez is in India with a mission: To savour the best of kebabs and biryanis, featu