• If I were to choose a country, it would be Nagaland, my fair Nagaland again and again.”
     T. Sakhrie(1923-1956)Excerpts from the writings of Late T. Sakhrie, Secretary NNC; from the book, ‘The Vision of T. Sakhrie for a Naga Nation’ by Ahu Sakhrie.“Truly we are a peculiar people. We are
  • Debunking the Myth of Headhunting
    Tezenlo ThongIs the choice of early Nagas to build their villages on hilltops or ridges in any way related to the alleged widespread and deeply entrenched practices of headhunting? Western colonial writers have
  • My Journey with Kuknalim
    Vishii Rita KrochaI remember the year 2001 when the wonders of the internet just swept my mind off and I was only beginning to get the taste of the hi-tech world. A website I have memorised only too well is www
  • Men Do Have Hearts coz they were there when I need them
    Ayangti Longkumer“I don’t deserve you.” Those were the last words of that Chauvinist. The Chauvinist for whom I joined the cooking class, the haircut class in the men’s parlor, started saving money to b
  • Burma’s Lost World
    A little-known community, the Naga on the Burmese side of the Indian border, is one of the most isolated in the worldBertil LintnerOctober 2006The Naga of Burma: Their Festivals, Customs and Way of Life by J.D.
  • Sharmila scares me
    Monalisa ChangkijaEditor, Nagaland PageSharmila scares me. And please don’t ask me: who is Sharmila. Because if you don’t know who she is then you won’t know what she stands for and what she personifies a
  • Oneness in Reconciliation
    Archbishop Dominic LumonIntroductionNagas have come a long way in their quest for freedom, liberty and identity-probing engagement. Yet they are nowhere near the fulfillment of their quest for self-assertion, i
  • ‘Tell Me’ about ‘Native Rising’
    ArenbaIn Nagaland, music bands are like ‘a dime a dozen’, with the band names getting weirder and weirder. Moreover, the bands always seem to disband just when it looks like there’s a good thing going and
  • The Invisible Worker
    Sani K.I am a ‘worker’ but Ironically, I have no rights and liberties like other ‘workers’. In my home I am the first to get up and the last to go to bed. I bear no grudges because I have no time to do
  • A CNN-IBN Special Investigation into India’ s Hidden Wars in northeast India
    Full interview transcript of Seilen Haokip, Spokesperson, Kuki National Organisation There are competing histories. The Nagas have a different historical outlook on the Kuki issue, the Kukis have a differe
  • The Vision of T. Sakhrie for a Naga Nation
    Memorandum of the Case of  The Naga People for Self-Determination  and an appeal to H.M.G. and the Government of IndiaPursuant to a resolution passed by the Naga National Council at Kohima on the 19th
  • Brief story of Tsonglaknyi festival of Tikhirs
    The main Tikhir festival is “Tsonglaknyi” celebrated from 9th-12th October every year. The word ‘Tsong’ means ‘Shield’ and ‘Lak’ means ‘Sanctify’. So Tsonglaknyi means Festival of Sanctifyin
  • The bridge expedition to Benreu tourist village
    KEYICAULANG MERURESEARCH COORDINATORTHE BRIDGE, PERENThe Bridge, a youth forum based at Peren organized an adventurous expedition cum exposure trip to DUILAKI (Poilwa) and Benreu Tourist Village on the 23rd Sep
  • Quality education worth fighting for
    Tuisem A. Shishak“A good educational system may be the flower of economic development; it is also the seed” (Jerome B. Wiesner).“Education is the key that unlocks the door to modernization” (Frederick H
  • The Woodcutter’s Wisdom
    Sentilong Ozukum I Love Stories. I love reading them, and better still, I love writing them. Stories help us understand biblical truths in a fresh way. Sometimes they help us see ourselves more objectively
  • ..tiny bits from one ordinary life
    Jungtina JamirA simple faith, a quiet faithNot complicated, something you feeland that’s the risk you take when you pick a simple faith.....“On a quiet station I wish to say goodbye to my loved ones and see
  • Remembering Lt.Vikhozo Yhoshu and Kekuojalie Sachu
    Wednesday, March the 20th, 1986, will always remain as one of the blackest days in the history of the Naga Students Federation. It may have been twenty years ago, but the events on that day are still very clear
  • A Brief Life Sketch of Rev. Merhupfu Kent, former President, Naga National Council (NNC)
    The Reverend Merhupfu Kent, son of Mr. Gwanhon Kent was born on April 5th, 1913 at Tsemenyu of Rengma land. He studied at the Kohima Bible School in 1942-44 following which he served as the Evangelist to the Re
  • Nagaland and Sovereignty
    Sanjay K. PandeyTalking to the media, the NSCN (I-M) leader, T. Muivah, asserted “The question whether Nagaland’s sovereignty is negotiable or not doesn’t arise. The destiny of Nagas should be left to Nag
  • Let my people think
    Sentilong Ozukum.“A man who does not cultivate the habits of thinking misses the greatest pleasure of life”.  Thomas Alva Edison    “Few people think two or three times a year. I have