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Weak & Corrupt System

Dimapur, the commercial hub of Nagaland is undoubtedly a place of plenty where a great opportunity exists for anyone to make a living. And this is a positive factor for the local economy and also a thing of pride for Nagas. Anyone who is hardworking and honest can surely survive and do well in a place like Dimapur. And there is evidence to show that for decades now many people have gone on to achieve economic success for the simple reason that Dimapur provides the opportunity. However on the other side of the story is also the negative trait which has come to be associated with the commercial hub—that of a lawless, overcrowded, crime ridden and anti-social haven for all kinds of crooks. Let’s also admit that whether it is the police or the administration both has found it to be very difficult to govern this cosmopolitan trading hub. The politicization of the municipal council and the existence of parallel governments with their own set of diktats; this has only led to more lawlessness and confusion thereby making Dimapur the perfect place for breaking the law. The outcome is there for all to see—rape, extortion, trafficking, corruption, encroachment, land dispute, isms etc. Dimapur is indeed the laboratory of everything that is bad in our Naga land. The existence of parallel authorities including rules and regulations which cannot be effectively enforced, this has led to all sorts of problem and adversely impacting on the well being of Dimapur and its people. Just take the latest crime of gang rape committed by illegal Muslim immigrants from Bangladesh.
This column believes that it is the corrupt and weak system which has allowed the innumerable number of illegal people to find safe haven in Dimapur and commit all kind of crimes. As mentioned the almost non-existence of a strong government machinery is encouraging illegality. Another point that we should not miss out in this current discourse is the cost of labour—perhaps the highest in the country. So besides the corrupt and weak system that we have here, this is also an attraction for illegal immigrants to seek work in places like Dimapur. As rightly pointed out in a local news report, a labourer from Bangladesh recently confided that Nagaland is the highest paying State in the county when it comes to labour fee. It is reported that the latest rate charged by manual labourer in Dimapur is Rs 250-300. This is something for the Labour Department, Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC) and the Naga Council to verify and take appropriate counter measure.
Against the backdrop of the latest crime of gang raping a Naga woman by illegal Muslim immigrants, the strong worded statement issued by the Naga Council and Naga Women Hoho Dimapur is not at all surprising. This should be a wake up call do something about the problems posed by such unwanted elements. As rightly mentioned most of the crimes related to extortion, kidnapping, rape and murder in Dimapur are committed by such people in connivance with Naga anti-socials. Urgent intervention is needed both at the government and societal level as it involves vital questions of protecting land, resource, identity and safeguarding people’s security. Unlike in say Kohima and Mokokchung where the respective tribal student body helps in keeping a check on illegal immigrants, in Dimapur such checks are not visible. Obviously given the porous border with Assam and the cosmopolitan demography of Dimapur, stronger regulation as highlighted by the Naga Students Federation (NSF) is needed to check and monitor infiltration besides improving the security apparatus to neutralize and at the same time deter the offenders.

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