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Truth about Year of Entrepreneur?

The ‘All Nagaland Selected Entrepreneurs Association’ (ANSEA) has done the right thing to postpone its proposed agitation because of the ongoing Hornbill Festival. To protest against the non-implementation of the Year of Entrepreneur, the ANSEA will now go for its indefinite agitation on 12th December, 2012 at the Directorate of Industries & Commerce. It is unfortunate that young people have to keep resorting to extreme steps in order to get the government to listen and deliver. The manner in which the ambitious government programme, the Year of Entrepreneur, has been handled by the State government is unacceptable and shows the complete lack of clarity of the programme itself and also the poor planning right from the outset. As a result the YoE sounds like an attractive slogan but without any backup support system. And therefore however much the concern Department may try and make the programme stand on its feet, it’s simply going to fall down like nine pins. So rather than try to prop up the programme implementation every time the ANSEA decide to protest, it will be better if we are honest in admitting the truth rather than attempting to cover up the failure with regular public statements explaining jargons and technical details. In fact the statement put up by the government is not helpful for anybody. And actually it only highlights the inefficiency of the system and the bureaucratic red tape.    
Coming to the hurriedly published advertisement from the concern department and the quick response from the ANSEA, as even a layman can see, there appears to be a wide gap between what both sides are saying. According to the department, many entrepreneurs have not completed the requisite formalities in the Banks which is delaying the process of sanction of loans. On the complete opposite, the ANSEA has been saying that its members have been approaching the concern Departments, Banks and other financial institutions and have even submitted the required DPRs and other necessary documents. So you see there is conflicting versions even on the basic premise of the programme. And against each department, the government goes on to state that proposals have been send to the ‘government for sanction’. In some cases it has been forwarded to the banks for financing of the projects. In some the government is saying that the cases will be taken up when additional allotment of PMEGP is received from the Centre. As stated earlier, the lack of planning seems to be at the heart of the problem. As rightly raised by the ANSEA, has proper official communication been given to the banks? Many of the banks are reluctant to finance projects with some even pointing out that the government has not released subsidies for the previous years. Even the nodal officers in the various departments have expresses ignorance according to ANSEA with many saying that they either don’t have the money or funds have not been allotted.  
And even after seeing all these gaps, why is the government insisting that the selected entrepreneurs approach the concerned financial institution/Banks/Corporations and Departments and pursue their cases for sanction and release of the loan? As demanded by the ANSEA, the Department of Industries & Commerce should come clean on its stand on implementing YOE. If needed a coordination meeting of the concern departments, banks and financial institutions could have always taken place by now. However there is something amiss and that is perhaps why no one from the government is willing to tell the truth. If there have been mistakes why can’t we take responsibility and just accept it, fix it and then move ahead.

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