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The process of industrialization of Nagaland through its urbanization with the help of globalization to rid it of tribalization, in a manner best suited to

A future with no tomorrow?

The notion that every generation enters into a contract with notions of justice, dignity, peace, and purposeful existence needs reflection. Perhaps through this idea of ...


A few winters ago during a seminar hosted by a reputed theological college in Nagaland, one of the key note address was delivered by an ...

Media Much?

On the evening of April 9, 2014, when Nagaland went to vote for a representative to its lone Lok Sabha seat, those of us working ...

Contextualize Change

Social change is an integral and natural process of human progression. Without transformation human life would remain stagnant; and such a status quo would breed ...

Sorry, as a Starting Point

In situations of armed conflict, where suspicion, resentment, confusion, division, political violence and loss of human life dominates human affairs, the challenge to recovery often ...

Polls, CCTVs and Truth

A very interesting thing that was noted a few days prior to the election and reported in the media was about how both the ruling ...

Your democracy and theirs

Our grandparents were the perfect creatures of democracy. Being Bangla refugees from the partition, they knew (or assumed) that the only political voice they had ...

Seizing Hope!

An opportunity has once again dawned upon the Nagas to collectively discern and choose Hope and Reconciliation over Fear and Division. For Nagas, Hope is ...

Election & Malaria

In this time of election season many of us will probably forget about World Health Day on April 7 i.e. today. And in all likelihood, ...

Leadership Counts

In the backdrop of the coming Lok Sabha elections, where we are going to elect our leaders or representatives, the topic of leadership becomes important. ...

You and I, in this mathematical world

Mathematics is useful in being able to make sense of the world around us. In its many forms—arithmetic (number sense), algebra (patterns and sets), geometry ...

Status Quo or Transformation

It is the world of ideas that transforms the world and it acts as the bridge between historical forces on one hand and the uncertain ...

Lenten Agreement: Time to Act

The Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) last week announced to the Naga public about the Lenten Agreement signed by top Naga leaders as part of ...

Barren Land

For those who travel by air during this time of year, a disturbing sight that one notices as you fly over Dimapur and its surrounding ...

UID and political processes

If the government was to be believed, the Unique Identification Code (UID or Aadhar Card) could have sorted out all problems of a modern independent ...

Demography and Labor

With the supposed onward march towards progress and development, policy makers and their consultants have initiated a course of action without giving much thought about ...

Manifesto for Nagaland

With another Lok Sabha election round the corner it is once again time for people to choose which political party or leader will represent them ...

The Information Underpass

There is a woman farmer tucked away somewhere in a small village in Nagaland who is worried about the mental and moral health of birds ...

Relearning and Rethinking

When Christopher Columbus landed on ‘Turtle Island,’ he believed he had reached India and insisted, despite knowledge to the contrary, that the people he encountered ...
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New Delhi, April 23 (IANS): The Supreme Court Wednesday constituted a three-member committee to frame guidelines to regulate issuance of advertisements by the government and

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Dalit, minority kids pushed out of schools: HRW

New Delhi, April 23 (IANS): School authorities in India have persistently discriminated against children from Dalit, minority and other marginalised communities, pushing them out of

Money, liquor & drug trail in these elections

A polling official, right, hands over electronic voting machines to his colleague at a distribution center ahead of the sixth phase of voting of the

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BANGKOK, April 23 (Reuters): Thailand’s Constitutional Court on Wednesday gave Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra until early May to defend herself against charges of abuse of

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KATMANDU, April 23 (AP): Sherpa guides packed up their tents and left Mount Everest’s base camp Wednesday in an unprecedented walkout to honor 16 of

‘Piles & piles’ of bodies in S.Sudan slaughter

NAIROBI, April 23 (AP): The townsfolk believed the mosque was safe. They crammed inside as rebel forces in South Sudan took control of the town