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Electors Verification Prog for BLOs of Tuensang held

Tuensang, August 22 (MExN): The Electors Verification Programme for BLOs of Tuensang District was held on August 22 at CKS Hall, Tuensang. 

A DIPR report stated that the BLOs were instructed by Shelly Katiry SDO (C) Longkhim and Renben Mozhui AEO Tuensang on new development of procedures on the EVP process. The new procedures will be effective during the forthcoming Pre-Summary Revision which is going to be held on 1st to 30th Sept 2019. The BLOs were informed that the recent pre-revision programme is going to be technology based revision. 

The main objectives of the EVP are for Techno savvy BLOs for using NVSP, mobile app, for self & family verification and making a paperless working system.  However, due to network problem in the district and for smartphone user the forth coming pre- Revision programme shall be based on house to house visit. BLOs were also instructed to be keen in DSE & logical errors and to earmark the prospective voters during the pre-Revision programme. Deletion of the demise cases and addition of the genuine voters are to be made compulsory during this programme. The BLOs were also advised to rely on quality photo and also to update the old photographs of the EPICs.

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