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Big doors swing on small hinges: The devil or god is in the details

Life transformation for me is a continuous journey and I am pressing forward. I am not claiming to have reached my goal. Nonetheless I am going to take hold of every good thing God has in store for me and my people. My goal today is to sow good seeds in my family and society. Before I met the International Movement called Moral Re-Armament, MRA, now known as Initiative of Change, I of C, I used to talk big, think big, aim high without any defined goal and was always placed in third division from High School to graduation in University. I lead an unsatisfied life but maintained a prestige driven culture.
In 1979, I took the six months students course in “Effective Living” at Asia Plateau, the MRA Centre in Panchgani, Maharashtra, with high expectations. We were taught a bit of almost everything, coupled with practical classes. We were trained, to mention a few among many, conservation of bio-diversity, natural resources and its growth rate such as oil, natural gas, coal, or growing trees for alternative fuel, ecological imbalances, journalism, even geography to various types of farming and intermediate technologies suitable for developing societies, as well as public speaking, singing, cooking and serving dishes, making beds, cleaning tables and toilets, doing dishes with singing were our daily routine, arranging flowers for dining tables, etc. with stress on comparative study between communism and democracy and the gap between the rich and the poor. We were trained how to think precisely with note books to write down our thoughts, meditation on God’s words,  listening to Him, and examining ourselves through and through to truly discover our true self and latent potentialities. We thus learned to identify where things had gone wrong in our lives and to start to put them right. This I discovered to be the way to start growth in my own life.
I came to learn that God is in all details of our life, so also is Satan, the devil. It is said “Big doors swing on small hinges”. One morning at Asia Plateau, I was about to justify using something that belonged to two sisters without asking them. The senior Australian lady who was my guardian said “Using what belonged to others even if it is a very small thing without permission of the owner is wrong”. To me it was a very small thing indeed. But her straight challenge to me to be honest was a most important lesson for my whole life.  I have never forgotten how clear she was.  Proper cleaning of tables and toilets with interest and dedication or properly arranged beds and flowers on tables for others are very important. It speaks loud and clear for the love and care for others which are Christ like qualities and are in His teachings. In this way a person learns the first steps to lay the right strong foundation for his or her life. After these experiences, I must say that my attitude, concept of education, organisation capability and discipline has changed to a great extent.
Portions of my text books which I considered to be unimportant for me before became so important that I no more neglected studying them. This change began to be reflected in my result. I secured first class in my LLB degree exams, from University of Poona and passed Post Graduate Diploma Marketing, PGDM with 60% from Institute of Business Management, Symbiosis Pune simultaneously. Practising in listening to God, meditating on His words and examining myself to know myself better, I came to realise that I was facing one major crisis in my life at that time, apart from many other problems. The crisis had haunted and mentally tormented me for a number of years, even in my sleep and my dreams. It caused stomach ulcers. It was my intense hatred and bitterness against Indians and India. My eldest brother was in the Naga Army fighting for the cause of our people. At a time when he was unarmed in our village he was shot at in cold blood by the Indian Army. He died of the wound he received.  My father was given the worst kind of torture seven times even after he had been released from jail. He was hung upside down and beaten all over his body. The worst was being suffocated with a pillow case tied over his head and water poured unto it making breathing impossible. He had earlier served a one-year jail term in Imphal. The Indian Army had captured him and his team who were on a peace mission to the Zeliangs and Kukis who were about to start a war between themselves. Such incidents of tortures and killings were commonplace in those days.
However, I thought I still have a choice to be either a victim of my crisis or be a victor over my crisis from the God of forgiveness. I chose the latter. Then came the solution to my crisis with help from Mr. Suresh Khatri, from Fiji Islands a full time worker of MRA and Mr. SM Joshi, a great political leader of Maharashtra, who took keen interest in understanding and helping the Nagas. Their care for me as a human being touched me. It enabled me to let go my bitterness and hatred without compromising my beliefs in the rights of my people. My obsessive hatred and blaming of India for every wrong started to be replaced by an ability to relate better with others including foreigners and not just my people. A clear conscience is the softest pillow that gives you soundest sleep.
Therefore my mission is to tell the youth of today that your lot in life is not a disturbed conscience but to be a victor and not a victim of any crisis or casualness. Your lot in life is to be happy, healthy, educated, prosperous and whole, nothing short of God’s best and never to be mediocre. God is interested in all your problems. He could have chosen anybody but He chose you to be where you are because you are special. You have not come to this world by accident, but with a clear meaning and purpose. If you sincerely listen to Him and live a life guided by His direction and purpose, you have God’s seed to overcome every task and to be the heirs of God Almighty. Your appearance or shortcomings or size will never limit His blessings. You only have to discover your hidden innate talents. You should never allow the devil to rob you of God’s blessings meant for you at all cost and always.
Sometime you may have had more than your share of unfair things happening. But it’s not how you start, that matters. It’s how you react and finish your task according to His direction. Shake off the past and rectify the wrong if there is any, as far as possible. Shake off all discouragements. We shall press forward what is right and best for everyone to remake our world with courage, commitment, integrity and self-discipline.
Kuolachalie Seyie at Annual Asia Pacific Youth Hoho,
SBS Secü-Zubza, Nagaland,

on 7th December, 2012

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