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Greatest need of Christianity in Nagaland

“ to take Christianity from inside the four walls and the pulpit of the Church building to our work places, if not we are not Christians.”  

The greatest piece of the need of Christianity in Nagaland today is to take religion outside the Church to the work places of all of us. Most of us Christians have learned very nice of how to behave when we are inside the Church, but once outside, our memories are either very short or we arrogate the Christian freedom to do for whatever we desire.
When everything and all of what Christianity needs in Nagaland is said and done, perhaps a great priority is to take the religion to the offices of many of the Christian ministers and quite a number of the Christian bureaucrats in their offices. This is because even a very small unchristian action they do grows into disproportionate corruptive force in Nagaland.

The latest trend in Nagaland today seems to be to float what some keen observers call ‘Tenderpreneur’ Companies which sprouts overnight just like the Beans, in Grimm’s Fairy Tale Story of Jack and the Bean Stalk, that grew overnight very high up into the Sky to the land of Giants.  

There is nothing very unchristian or gross impropriety in a Minister’s Relative create a brand new Tender-preneur Company ‘Viagra Pvt Ltd: Nagaland or ‘Miakhrozhüyo Enterprise: Lanierü’ overnight as soon as an MLA is 6 times sworn in the name of the Christian God into a Minister.  

The trouble and impropriety starts only when funds in terms of crores are allotted to the department for house construction or for supply of materials or for any one of the many development needs of Nagaland.

The tender from the local Tenderpreneurs, in papers of impressive Company Letter-Heads, are received from the Companies. The impatient tenders are processed in the lethargic Government offices at the Speed of light (186000 miles per Second) and the minister approves the lowest rate before the Sun sets beyond the Keditsükerü Mountain Range.

The work is huge and will take some time for completion. Therefore, in order that the ‘Sanction may not lapse’,  the amount in thousands of lakhs, are drawn and kept in the bank in the name of the director or in an account number the minister’s PA works out in good understanding of the director and of course in the knowledge of the bureaucrat secretary, preferably in the tacit knowledge of the secretary commissioner too.

The chief bureaucrat knows such unchristian things are ‘Chalta hai’ in the offices. The money is drawn and kept in the bank ostensibly for payment only after certificates of completion of the Work are received from the field officers and of course, there is no difficulty in asking actual the completion certificates under this or that pretexts from the lower staff before the works are completed.

The involved politician and the bureaucrats feel no unchristian conscience in such intimate official dealings and takes it on the stride as if it is dexterous official procedures. Those rare conscience, which do not like to be drawn into the circle are un-cooperatives officers that need to be replaced with obedient pliable co-operative ones. The transfer requirements are  immediately done by jumping over cumbersome service rules, disregarding  hard earned seniorities of the  officers and the reluctant endorsement of the higher ups.

The service rule is often jumped over or bypassed to make appointment of a family member together with names the politicians passed on; the flaunting of seniority rules to favor certain connections over those who are helplessly quiet but rightfully due, the condoning of the absentee relatives in the office for many sunsets, the partiality done with the eyes turned way, are all infrequent unchristian behaviors outside the Christian church in the powerful offices.

Ministers and the MLAs are elected by the people of the land, they are just representatives of their electors. The representatives are supposed to function in line with the desires of their Electors. They, the representatives, are therefore known at best as ministers and at worst the bureaucrats are ‘Government Servants’; they are stewards and  public servants respectively: the electors are the actual Masters.  

The equation is not properly taken in most democratically immature societies like in India and Nagaland too. For example in Bengal, just recently a woman was arrested by the Police for raising an unpleasant question to the CM in a public rally at Kolkata; two girls in Mumbai were arrested for complaining against closure of the City for Thakeray’s Funeral.

In contrast; in the UK, sometime ago the Prime Minister was refused priority service in a common coffee house in the street because the attendant lady had to serve the drink to those who had entered the coffee house first. The Prime Minister hopped into the next shop and had the drink.

The NBCC knows the Christianity need in Nagaland offices but just like brothers or sisters do not like to report against each other to their parents, the Church remains quiet in the matter or it does not know how to take Christianity to the office. For show, it once introduced prayers in the Government offices and for once there were tumultuous prayers in the officer’s rooms every morning. But just like genetically modified Seedless Species, the Species grow luxuriantly but do not produce and potent seeds.  

The NBCC once arranged a seminar to share the concern and being a little concerned I too attended the seminar and sat at the back of the copiously Theologian gathering.
The seminar conductors informed the gathering that Kohima City would be divided colony by colony. Then groups will be formed out of the assembled gathering and each group would drive SATAN in each colony allotted. We were all asked to give our signatures in a common signature paper to show our commitment to the SATAN cleansing.
I also appended my signature paper out of a fear of being found out a black sheep but the conscience was smoldering and at last I did a highly irreverent thing.

I stood up from my seat at the back of the congregation said: “SATAN does not stay in the colonies, SATAN stays in our Human Hearts and so we can not drive away Satan from the colonies?”

Everybody elongated their necks, revolved their heads backwards and looked at me. I felt like the Lucifer in the congregation of Angels in front of the LORD of Host as described in the Book of Job and left the place immediately after the sumptuous lunch in the popular resort without  even saying ‘Thanks You’ to the Organizers!    
One morning, 16 years ago, over a hurried breakfast before the morning Convention Service, Dr. Inglis of the visiting Baptist World Alliance said: “I do not understand. Nagaland is overwhelmingly Christian but I don’t see the Society reflecting it much.”

I felt ashamed in my heart but said: “Don’t worry, we were primitive wild head-hunters just a hundred years ago and had the British Colonial Power come to our Land 10 years late, we would have been worshiping today hand made idols of the Hindus. At least we are very grateful to your American Missionaries for giving their lives in bringing us the name Jesus otherwise we would be worshiping Phallic Stones today”

Dr. Inlis said: “I have never heard people say nice things about the Colonial Power, everywhere people talk about Colonialism in critical terms. This is first time I have heard about the British Colonial Power in such positive terms. I am British but live in America. I wish we have much more time to talk further”.

The greatest need of Christianity today in Nagaland is to take the Christianity from inside the four walls and the pulpit of the Church building to our work places, if not we are not Christians.  

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