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The Nature & Season cry out for Christ

The advent of Christianity is a great event in the history of Nagas and when our forefathers made a covenant with Christ, we become blessed. Through this covenant Nagas have progressed over the years and despite all handicaps, Nagas have made their presence felt all over the globe.
Our freedom fighters who have led the struggle for saving our people and our identity, had to undergo unprecedented sorrows and sufferings and alongwith them all the Nagas have made greatest sacrifices. The people of Nagas have fooled their resources, their manpower behind their leaders and we have travelled a long distance since we launched our struggle.
Our leaders-Phizo and Isaac- were assigned their roles by the lord, and also by our elders. The question today that arises is- are we treading the faith shown by Christ and His deputed children- the leaders? Have we today that unflinching faith in Christ which always leads to love and compassion and not hatred and bloodshed?
The inter-factional killings and lust for power and money have led to the loss of so many innocent and young lives, as Christians, are we taking the right course of action on this earth and in the world to follow?
One question that lurks in the minds of all the Nagas to whether our leaders are today fighting for sovereignty or for their personal heavens? We expect our freedom fighters to be honest and not confuse the Nagas people. While the Govt. of India recognizes our uniqueness, our quest for identity and self-preservation, our freedom fighters are working at cross-purpose. The people are watching you and they are now aware of the truth. It is time that something concrete is done or the curse of heaven will fall on us. Take the one from the fact that all shows of pomp and glory through road-show and various festivals culminated in the burning of the CM’s house.
When God doesn’t spare His own angles, what will happen to the sinners? So, stop sinning.
Don’t ask God what you wants, pray to God to direct you to do, what he wants you to do- make your land ‘Nagas for Christ’. There will be no salvation without the spirit of Christ in your hearts.

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