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Shurhozelie hits back at SC Jamir

Dimapur, February 9 (MExN): One of the two senior-most politicians from amongst the Nagas today, Dr. Shurhozelie, has gone head-to-head with the other, SC Jamir, with the former blaming the latter for almost all the political problems plaguing the state of Nagaland currently. The ruling NPF leader was responding to Jamir’s earlier statement during a students’ program in Dimapur, that “this is not the Nagaland we dreamt of” as also the statement that he “is the only living founding member of the state of Nagaland”. SC Jamir was one of the signatories of the 16-Points Agreement which brought statehood to Nagaland and also the longest serving chief minister of the state while also being a member of parliament in Delhi, the NPF leader said.
In a rare display of open displeasure, the Minister for Urban Development blamed former Governor of Goa and Maharashtra Jamir for ‘shattering the dream of the state’ starting from the contentious 16-Points Agreement to the ‘institutionalization’ of corruption in the state, from employing “armed elements” in elections to dividing communities on tribal lines and patronizing underground groups.  In a hard statement received here today, the NPF leader called the veteran Congressman the ‘architect of division’ of present Nagaland,
“Was it not under the leadership of SC Jamir that the dreams of Naga people got shattered time and again? It was under his design that the process of electioneering was corrupted as he used muscle, money and gun power to suppress the voice of the people by not allowing democratic elections wherever he contested and also spread this strategy everywhere he went,” Dr. Shurhozelie, also chief of the Naga People’s Front party, stated.
Blames former CM for ‘shattering dream of the State’
The NPF president accused Jamir of being the one “who first used and still continues to use armed elements for elections.”
“It was under his rule that Naga civil society was divided on tribal and district lines. It was under his rule that entire Naga civil society went against the state government by going to the extent of boycotting his government. It was he who sidelined the undergrounds and it was during his time that army and military operations were launched against Naga brothers and sisters instead of bring (sic) them towards negotiation and reconciliation,” the minister said.
The NPF chief went on: “It was he who patronized different underground groups and created more divisions and killings. It was under his rule that law and order completely failed as the overall situation became unsafe for people to conduct their daily lives. He himself could not move out of his protected homes unless in bullet and explosion proof cars. It was under his rule that corruption became institutionalized as exemplified by the more than thousands of crores Nagaland lottery scam. It was under his rule that the youth began losing hope and inspiration.”
Because of the corruption, Dr. Shurhozelie said, the Government of India decided to do away with the special provisions of wiping off the state’s deficit through the Consolidated Fund of India. “…not a voice was raised by that government of the day when this decision was taken by Delhi. It was his rule that introduced family regime and the alien culture of dynastic politics as his immediate family and children were put into positions of power and he took Nagaland into an era of one family rule,” the statement said.
These, the NPF leader said, are just a few indicators of Dr. SC Jamir’s rule of Nagaland. It was such a rule that ensured his crushing defeat in the bye-elections of Aonglengden (Mokokchung) “where he tried to fool everybody by telling the people that he is contesting due to the pressure of the Congress high command, whereas he told the high command that the people are pressuring him to contest.”
In the context of the role Dr. SC Jamir played in Nagaland ever since inception of Nagaland, the statement said, the Congressman is the last person who should say “this is not the Nagaland we dreamt of”.
 “He has no moral authority to make such a statement but rather should take responsibility for the wrongs that are prevalent in our society. He will do well to understand that people living in glass houses should not throw stones at others. He will also do well to understand and accept the fact that there is an air of positivity in the Nagaland of today.”
The NPF leader admitted that there is still a lot to be done and a long way to go for Nagaland. But, Dr. Shurhozelie said, the Nagaland of today is very different from the tumultuous Nagaland of Jamir’s time. “He is no angel to speak of others rather he is the architect who has sown the seeds of division due to his thirst for power which is exposed even till today.”
Dr. Shurhozelie said in on length: “As we all know, the 16-Points Agreement was signed without taking the mandate of the undivided undergrounds and national workers in such a hurry that many issues are still unresolved till today including the inclusion of all Nagas under one administrative umbrella. Subsequently, over the years till today, SC Jamir and his immediate family members have benefitted the maximum by enjoying and occupying every chair of power and position that Statehood brought to Nagaland.”

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