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Action plan to curb illegal immigrants

Dimapur, February 10 (MExN): Following the February 6, 2012 gang rape at East Burma Camp in Dimapur where at least 5 alien “Mian immigrants” gang raped a Naga woman and assaulted her husband, Dimapur civil society today decided on several enforcement initiatives to check the flow and presence of illegal immigrants in Dimapur. A public meeting was held at the Naga Council Office today.
The steps that the Naga tribal hohos and about 30 other civil organizations took in a public meeting in Dimapur today, include a decision to set up a monitoring organization manned by civil society, demand from the government to enforce Inner Line Permit (ILP) in Dimapur and the third, a penalty of no less than Rs. 20 Lakh against the local community or authority that vouched for an immigrant accused of damage, culpability and crime.
About 117 presidents and leaders representing 30 civil organizations including Naga tribal ‘hohos’, under the aegis of the Naga Council of Dimapur issued a statement of action today, outlining action that – if implemented at all – would check the flow of illegal immigrants in the state.   
In view of the abject complacency of the society including both citizens and government machineries alike in dealing effectively with the menace of illegal migrants, and to ensure justice be delivered to victim and fitting punishment be meted out to the accused of the recent gang rape, the House after a prolonged 5-hour debate, unanimously resolved the following :
Demand to enforce ILP in Dimapur; heavy penalty of Rs 20 lakhs
The decision stated: “The burden of punishment/penalty of illegal immigrant rapists shall rest solely upon its community/authority which certifies or recommends the presence of such illegal persons in Dimapur by a direct fine of Rs 20 Lakhs upon such community/authority which is to be set aside as damages and rehabilitation of the victim/s besides other suitable actions deemed fit.”
Further, the city’s civil society said the rampant influx of illegal immigrants is the ‘root cause of recurring’ crimes being committed by them in Dimapur. “The public of Dimapur proposes to the government that ILP be enforced in Dimapur and Border Passport Control Units/ILP Units be installed at the earliest possible at various entry points such as Dimapur Railway Station, Nagaland Gate (Golaghat road), Nagaland Gate (Dillai Gate) and anywhere deemed required.”
Such ILP units, the statement said, should be complete with “all modern detection systems/equipments and infrastructure manned by polite, educated and competent but strict professional force who will protect and preserve Naga identity and not sell it for any other appeasements.”
The “current style of ramshackle arrangement at existing gates”, the civil society said, are a “haven for shady operators which act as the gateway to all illegal influences causing havoc to promising sons of our society.”
 Further, a public action committee shall be set up comprising of tribal ‘hoho’ leaders, Naga Council, women ‘hohos’, ‘Gaon Buras’, senior citizens and representatives of select NGOs. Their purpose shall be to act as screening and monitoring points to detect illegal immigrants and also to ensure veracity of legal migrants seeking residence either for work or commerce in consultation and coordination with the district authorities, the statement said. “In this regard, the Public Action Committee shall seek further public opinion through subsequent meetings.”
Related to the issue, the organizations said that the public of Dimapur shall submit a memorandum to the government of Nagaland urging the government to take ‘stern action and accord justice in the shortest possible time.” Failing to do so will invite the public of Dimapur ‘seeking justice through appropriate course of action,’ the organizations said.
The Dimapur public has assured full support and cooperation to the Public Prosecutor during course of criminal trial till disposal of the (current) case. “Further, any pressure on the PP for leniency of the case shall be dealt with appropriately by public.”
The organizations have strongly cautioned lawyer or advocate ‘not to entertain bail for the accused.’ All tribe hohos and communities are urged to “restrain any lawyer/advocate belonging to their respective community from seeking bail for any accused.”
Further, any act of crime committed by any miscreants shall be strongly, suitably and appropriately punished and penalized by local authorities concerned ‘where incident had happened on being caught red-handed or on establishing veracity of facts.’
Dimapur civil society has asked the government to provide immediate monetary and medical relief to the victim of the recent gang rape and her family. The government must ensure that competent counseling and post-trauma care is provided to the victims without any further delay, the statement added.
Identity cards for genuine Indian Muslims in Kohima
Dimapur, February 10 (MExN): The Kohima Village Youth Organization (KVYO) will be coordinating with a Muslim community organization in a drive to identify illegal immigrants in Kohima and issue Identity Cards only to genuine Indian citizens of the Muslim community. The KVYO informs that the identification drive would be covering other communities very soon.
The youth organization held an emergency meeting with the Muslim Welfare Society of Kohima (MWSK) today in Kohima “with regard to the prevailing disturbances concerning members of the Muslim community and non-locals in general.”
The organization said in a note today that the meeting decided on issuing detailed Identity Cards to all the genuine Indian citizens of the Muslim community residing under the KVYO’s jurisdiction. The ID drive would be done by the MWSK in co-ordination with the KVYO.
“The ID card will have detailed information of the individual concerned both at Kohima and their permanent residences. This information will be used as an when required to help the administration and law enforcing agencies in case of any unwanted situation, if arises. The KVYO has given till March 1 for the MSWK to complete it. Those Muslim individual who do not posses the ID card will be treated as illegal immigrants and will not be allowed to be present at Kohima,” the KVYO said
The organization, meanwhile, has asked the government of Nagaland and the district administration to be cautious while issuing Inner Line Permit to non-locals, so that genuine Indian citizens are not victimized.
The youth organization pledges fullest cooperation and support to the district administration to check illegal immigrants.
NSCW for anti-illegal immigrant policy
Dimapur, February 10 (MExN): Nagaland State Commission for Women (NSCW) today urged the state government to “consider” and “come out” with a policy to stem the flow of illegal immigrants into the state and address the serious issues associated with them. The commission issued a statement today saying that the government must act with current statutory policies such as the Inner Line Permit (or the ‘ILP’) system as well as come up with a ‘comprehensive policy.’
“NSCW appeals to the government and all right thinking people to seriously consider and come out with concrete comprehensive policy on illegal immigrants to strictly adhere to ILP; the state government has to take a firm stand and enforce strict measures for comprehensive policy on illegal immigrants,” stated chairperson of the commission Sano Vamuzo. The commission ‘suggests’ that cases of crime and violence against women be disposed off at the earliest by Fast Track Courts. “Justice delayed is justice denied,” the commission said.
According to the NSCW, law-enforcing agencies such as the district administration and police have “assured to take all possible steps to see that justice is delivered at the earliest.” The commission condemned the violence committed and gang rape of a Naga woman on February 6 by five illegal immigrants.
“The plight of Naga women today is one of fear, insecurity, danger and uncertainty all along. This is never the case during the times of our forefathers. Records will show incidents of rape cases too common in our society today and every time it occurs, society condemns left and right but the practice is not going away,” the commission said.
“The gang rape incidences happening in Dimapur have drawn public attention in a louder manner. But this is not the first instance,” the commission said. “Leaving aside individual cases we recall a gang rape case which happened in Mon on 2nd May 2010. The three culprits, all Miyans namely Jaibun Rahman (25), Abdul Islame (30) and Sultan from Nagaon district of Assam. They were engaged in road construction work of Chungphoi-Wangching by a Naga contractor.”
On May 2 when the woman, aged 50 years, went to fetch water around 5:30 am, the three culprits pounced on her and dragged her to a nearby area and raped and brutally murdered her. They hit her head also and fractured her skull, the NSCW said.
“When she did not return home her family reported and the village went out searching for the missing woman. It was only after 4 days that a highly decomposed dead body was found just outside the village on 5th May 2010. Today, these three culprits are awarded life imprisonment and lodged at central jail, Dimapur.”

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