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KPO clarifies to report by NSCN (IM) Chakhesang Region

Phek, December 12 (MExN): In connection to the news item ‘NSCN (IM) Chakhesang Region questions govt employee’s action’ published in local dailies on December 5 issue, the Khomi Public Organisation (KPO), apex body of Upper Khomi, Middle Khomi and Lower Village Council has issued a clarification. 

The joint clarification was appended by KPO president Ciekropa Tenenu, Assistant general Secretary, Zhoveto Lohe, Lower Khomi Village Council chairman Lavohu Tsutso, Middle Khomi Village Council chairman Vekhotso Lohe and Upper Khomi Village Council chairman Husucho Nienu.

On November 26, it stated that “for the first time of its kind in the village”, the Phek District Legal Services Authority (PDLSA) observed Constitution Day by organising legal awareness programme in collaboration with the District Administration and KPO. 

The District Session Judge Phek District also the Chairperson of PDLSA as one of the resource persons “clearly and meticulously stated the objective of observing the Constitution Day in the form of conducting legal awareness programme.” The PDLSA team also highlighted the importance of the Constitution of India, Village Laws and Child Rights. 

“As such, the villagers were greatly enriched and benefited by the programme and for which, we extend our sincere appreciation to the Chairperson of PDLSA and her team. The legal awareness programme was well attended by hundreds of participants including public leaders from three villages and the reports of the same were also widely published in local paper,” it stated. 

However, it stated, the people of Khomi were “surprised to see the news item by Col (Retd) Zhokhoneiyi Soho, Deputy Kilonser, Caretaker CAO NSCN (IM) Chakhesang Region accusing the Chairperson, PDLSA of convening a public meeting relating to the lndo-Naga political issue and termed it as attempted to bamboozle the innocent villagers by spreading lies.”

The KPO clarified that the “District Session Judge Phek District had never claimed to be the wife of a close associate of the NNPGs in her speech neither criticize or condemned any particular Naga Political Group and she did not make any irreverent speech as stated by the writer.”

While stating that the people of Khomi like other Naga villages also have been extending our support and solidarity towards Indo-Naga Political settlement and have no intention to oppose any particular group at any point of time, it said “dragging the name of Khomi into a controversy at this crucial stage where everyone is eagerly waiting for early Naga solution is an insult to the three villages.”

Therefore, KPO has strongly condemned the “malicious and spurious” press statement of the Deputy Kilonser, Caretaker CAO NSCN (IM) Chakhesang Region made in public domain “without ascertaining the facts and questioning the integrity and profession of the dedicated officer in the District who had come to the village on official duty.”

The KPO suggested that the “report might have been fabricated by some of his comrades for self interest motive which need to be identified or presumption of the writer since he was not physically present in the said meeting.” 

“It would have been wise on the part of the NSCN (IM) authority to first seek clarification from the village leaders for authentication of the report before going to press in order to avoid misleading information,” it added while stating that the clarification is issued for consumption of the general public and in order to put the allegation to rest for one and all. 


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