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An ardent beseeching for unity

The Naga Memorandum to the Simon Commission in 1929 became a strong fulcrum in propelling the Naga Cause to lofty heights of grandeur. We therefore accordingly ascribe unqualified gratefulness to the Naga national father and very strongly feel that the institution of the Naga National Council (NNC) must surely be revered in the most highly held esteem b everyone without exception.
The NNC encompasses the while Naga family, sustained by and stands for the common interest and welfare of everyone concerned. She belongs to everyone and not to anyone or any particular section of people in any kind or manner. Any and everybody is at liberty to express one’s opinion and desire individually but can never impose or force the same one anybody else much less on the declared NNC stand on full sovereignty of the Nagas and their land. Sacrifice of unnumbered lives and limbs besides irreparable and irreplaceable treasures and properties of mammoth proportions have been offered to this one end.
The Nagas in comparison, do lack much in physical wealth, holdings and educational qualification, for a fact. But it is also true that our history does not contain even a tinge of blemish of being conquered nor being subjugated by any nation great or small; from far or near. It was only the haughty overbearing British Government, the colonizing Imperial Devil despised by every civilized mind the world over, who came against us and being most envious of our pristine and pure democracy of harmonious living, lorded over us for some 48 odd years in an act of stabbing us and finally twisting and turning the murderous knife of needless meddling in our affairs divided us up into many unfortunate fragments as a legacy of her infamous “Divide and (Mis) Rule” policy. Thus a major chunk of Naga land was ceded to Burma (we don’t know in return for what unholy favour(s). since Naga land did not belong to the British her act of dividing us up at her own her was most high handed and damnable and stands ever condemned eternally. For this reason, as soon as the NNC President A.Z. Phizo arrived at London, he appealed to the British Government to undo the misdeeds of Clement Attlee; but the British have paid scant regards in this respect, so far. Isn’t it the English only who profess that “It is better to break a bad vow (policy) than to keep it”? Aren’t the manifestations of the curse of her misrule ever so evidently conspicuous the world over? Let us hope that she heeds her own doctrine of better late than never in rectifying her mistakes.
The ever so efficient copy India has been perfecting her borrowed (from the British!) skill of dividing the Naga family ever so nefariously on, all this while; so let us become wary of these evil designs of the enemy and desist from breaking up further both in the will and in the deed, the NNC is the only true foundation and mainstay for the Nagas. Let us therefore unitedly rejuvenate and uplift position of the NNC while the good time lasts-this I earnestly beseech.

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