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Is Nagaland a dry state? Yes. Why? Read on to know why I feel that way.

•-"Restaurants raided in Dimapur" read one of the headlines in one of the local dailies. My first reaction was "What the *bleep*?!! Not again!"
Apparently, the raid was conducted by a joint team of excise, narcotic cell and police on some restaurants and lounges.
Now, I wonder... Why were only 5 places raided? Is it because the excise, narcotic cell and police don't know that alcohol or, to make it sound more official, IMFL, is sold in many restaurants and almost every lounge in Dimapur and Kohima?? Are they retarded?
Or is it because the 'unlucky' proprietors of the restaurants and lounges didn't give them enough "tax"??
What are they trying to prove by conducting raids? Is it to tell the people that alcohol is prohibited?
Or are they trying to warn the other proprietors "You'll be next if you don't keep us *Happy*"??
The "joint team" can ask any young guy where liquor is sold if they so dumb!
Ask me!
Raid all the so called hotels @Eros Lane(Dimapur), the "paan" shops @Jail Colony(Kohima) and hundreds of other places.
Everyone knows that Nagaland is the 'wettest dry state' in the world.
Why don't the government just lift the prohibition?!
I always thought that dry state meant 'No Alcohol'. I guess I was wrong... I think 'dry state'(in terms of Nagaland) means NO WATER for the public. It makes sense. So many people have to buy water since taps are dry.
Nagaland is truly a dry state.
*The End*
(I've to go fetch water from my neighbour's well)

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