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Revive us Lord in the midst of Killing and Hatred spirits

Today we see Nagas champion for sovereignty struggling for position, power or for Naga’s will it makes us seek  much deeper but the bottom line need to redress properly. Naga people are not happy and everyone has been affected and saying enough is enough.  Attack and defending as well blaming one another need to sit and talk and not in newspaper platform. Naga people have gave their consensus or mandate not  to eliminate among us?  Naga young people’s mentalities have been migrated to other side and that need serious attention by the group leaders of all the factions. The question is this, who need to question first before we question other?  
Factional leadership are not what Naga people want but what Naga people want leadership that has its integrity and know the value of single Naga soul. People who does not mess up with someone’s  life but protected the single soul. Naga younger generation want leaders that help them saving lives from someone clutches. As such hours and time of conflicts. We need to fast and pray and repent and are not to be expert in pulling the trigger. We need to seek and listen to  what the words of God says in our context. Where do all these spirits come in our lives and society?
Pharaoh’s the king  as written in the book of  exodus chapter 1 has less knowledge about the people who came as Good and  harmless people were treat  with contempt and obnoxious thought. People who had less information about other do little care to think of who they are but consider them as less than them. Psychologically Pharaoh had this tyrannical thought because he have less information about the newly upcoming migrant group in their land. A family that has its own distinct identity and is growing to become stronger and stronger. When we view someone from evil eyes we see them as evil. This mentality is prevailing among Naga factional group. They thought that they are ok and someone is villain and somebody has to be under them. They want someone to obey as well to listen to them. If this Pharaoh’s mentality been filled,  it will bring greater destruction to its nation now and subsequently. The future generation need nothing but big trucks to clear up its debris that has been pile up before them.  
Pharaoh’s mentality is to treat this second class group of people to do his whims and wishes and to fulfill his order in the long run. To keep them in the servitude outlook . They are many younger people who are under this same enclosure. Do this if not you are not for us. There are many factional taskmasters roaming in our society! Fulfill the requirements of the day.  We see lots of confusion migrating from one group to another. Today people who want other people to live in bitterness and hardship need to reconsider their factional leadership. People who see other as Villains and themselves as pure are people who want to torture other.
Pharaoh’s state of mind is not only to torture but also to kill silently the unborn innocents’ babies and to destroy other. Today due to factional debates and dumping one another is destroying the future of the young people.  This senseless spirit is killing us and we failed to realize because the heart have been harden. We have this spirit to kill and hate because we see someone from outsider and we kill and hate because we don’t consider them as equal as we are. We want to eliminate other because they are one who will take over us and our family. We have allowed sneaking the spirit of jealousy, and fear of unknown. Therefore spirits of complexity are haunting among us.  We have listen to Satan lies for long and unequivocally we need to repent by dumping this spirit of pharaoh from our mind. We have been overcome by the Cain’s spirit. The one who does not hesitate to kill his own brother. Naga people still says the same words to God,  “Am I my brother’s keeper?” (Exodus 4: 9).
Naga People are in severe spiritual crisis and no churches, factions or state political party can save us. Today we need God as much than before, we have failed in all the areas of our lives and we must acknowledge God as he is and he holds the future of our Nagas. We need Revival among common people as well as among our National workers, school and offices in our land. We need another “exodus” in our generation. We need to get ready to gird our loins and put the sandals on for our spiritual journey. We need God to revive us, if not we perish today!  As one Chinese proverb says, “if you cannot forgive someone we have to dig two graves”. We better humble and seek him to revive us because we have seen failures in all the aspects of our lives. The night has been long enough! Are we still at ease with this present situation?

H.  Apise
Purana Bazar, Dimapur.
91 8974539238

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