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Y. Wangtin Naga Response

On revelation of the secret conspiracy hatched among some of Leaders in Khehoi Designated Camp for my assassination two years ago (before 7th June 2011, NSCN split), I am so surprised and wonder how many Leaders and friends wrongly decided to kill me on fouls allegation. I have done nothing wrong either against the Government or an individual. Only one thing which might have hurt them was my strong opposition to Chairman, SS Khaplang’s Expulsion as I know this would certainly divide between East and West. They also alleged me of frequent meeting with Chairman SS Khaplang and regular contact. Only God knows, I meet Chairman only once in 2009 on Government Assignment neither I had any contact with him due to communication gap. However I have forgiven in the Lord Jesus Christ all this who knowingly and unknowingly took part for my assassination. Even today my Naga friends can achieve Naga Sovereignty by killing me, I am ready to sacrifice my precious life for the Nation. Swearing before God, I have no bad intention against my Leaders or any of my one time Comrades. My Baba Kholi and friends also try to portray my father as a murderer of NNC Cadres but God will judge. Infact, I am proud to be the son of Deacon and Deaconess and I don’t regret of what I am today. My only regret is mis-used of incredible character and reputation of Baba Kholi by someone. Baba Kholi is highly respect and regarded as veteran Naga Freedom Fighter even in international level. One can check the internet between 2000-2009 and he is honored like God father by everyone.
 My first contact with Baba Kholi was in the year 2003 although I heard his name when I was a child. The meeting between Baba Kholi and Konyak Union enabled me to be one of the delegate in 2003 and that particular night, I could not sleep that night because of the several questions hauled my whole night as how old Baba Kholi would be? Would he be like human being or an angel? Or how big and tall he would be? In the meeting the next day I found all answers to various questions and I was highly impressed and admired by his personality. He was really a man who never love money and luxury living. I also still remembered how much people admired and honored him during joint programmed of K.U. and KBBB organized in 2009 at Konyak Baptist Mission Compound, Mon HQ where hundreds and thousands Konyaks from 120 villages and towns welcomed him with great rejoice. There were lots of cases of quarrelling in different villages among the Leaders for not selected as delegates to see Baba. Such was the respect and honored he enjoyed among the Konyak people in particular and entire eastern Nagas in general. After delivering his speeches several hundreds and thousands youths seen moving and rushing towards the entrance gate, volunteers tried to stop them but some of them forcibly reached Baba and raised a slogan “Baba Baba” with raising both hands. After few months, reportedly a young man in Tizit challenged his contemporary friends that, he was the only man in the area to touched Baba Kholi’s body. Among the young man claimed themselves superior creatures after touching Baba’s cloths and body.
Infact Baba Kholi had been a tallest leader in Naga family which no one can deny. Had he maintain that position, listening to his children, take the advices of his people he could have create unbeatable Guinness history of the Millennium to be remembered thousand and thousands of year, but all vanished because of wrong advice of the few, which is very painful and regretful. When we see the declination History of the great people, we always found silly element or small people which had gradually eaten up unmatchable reputation and popularly and ultimately brought to an end. We can also see in the Bible how such a strongest man of the Israelites (Samson) vanished in the hands of negligible and small lady called Delilah (Judges 16). Baba may hate me due to wrong advice of somebody because I have foreseen the future where he would be mis-used and separated from his people. I am confident that, Baba will realize his mistake and surly admit that, I had been his  beloved son who always stand upright with him but unfortunately discontinued as an inimical forces because he is mis-used and mis-guided by somebody for their political Mileage. My love and tender care for Baba Kholi still continued but he is already entrapped never to be like before.
In regards to some awards with citations from international reputed non-governmental voluntary Organizations and some university, I am clarifying to my Nagas brothers and sisters. These were the honor and recognizing my small contribution of the people before joining the NSCN. I as freedom fighter cannot and will not seek and take anything from GOI and its Agencies. I cannot deny some coffee cups and biscuits from GOI after the Official meeting in New Delhi and in Nagaland State. I am thankful to some very generations and fine Officials or Agencies in New Delhi who offered us who give us accommodations when we came for the Official meeting which is not exceptional on the part of the NSCN as similar arrangement is offered to other Naga factions too. In the name of our Savior Jesus Christ, I don’t mind on anybody who leveled any allegations on me. Let us look towards to restore peace in our broken home.

Issued by
Y. Wangtin Naga,
Kilonser, NSCN/GPRN

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