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“Open letter to Nagaland Timber Traders Union”

With due respect, Nallong Village authority would like to express our psycho pain and suffering borne by the general public of Nallong Village, Nallong Lun Progressive union representatives and all of our well wishers cause by the Victimizing attitude of the Nagaland Timbers Traders Union represented by Kevise Sogotsu President NTTU by way of using esteemed office and authority of our Naga Nation.
To pay our due honour to the office and authority of Kilo Secy. Ministry of Kilo Affairs GPRN. We have appeared the summon letter dated 8th Feb. 2012 appealed by NTTU. However, instead of negotiating the difficulties and problem of the NTTU within the concerned Village authority and the Union why we were led to appeared the office/ court of the highest authority of the Nation? To what extend have we committed crime against the NTTU ? Does it not right to use one’s own land at his will ? Does it wrong for a village to control its land?
As such, the log operation jungle road from Barak River leading to New Lemta Village via Nheki and Nthengki River constructed by log contractors was without the knowledge of Nallong Village, it is illegal used of land by log contractors. Therefore, the said log operation road within the jurisdiction of Nallong Village will not be permitted anymore for uses of any purpose by any one.
Nevertheless, it must have been better if we were not summoned to the office/ court under the highest authority of the Nation. The shamefulness and suffering borne by Nallong Village appearing the office / court of the nation like a criminal needs apologize from concerned individual / union. Nallong Village will not be responsible for any untoward incident if so happen affecting any one any time.

Nallong Village Authority

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