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Senior NNC Member Questions Zhopra Vero

The Ministry of Information and publicity of the original NNC/FGN had already clearly shown about the treasonous character of Zhopra Vero thrice through local dailies. But Zhopra Vero is still shamelessly stealing the name of NNC/FGN. Hence this statement with facts is served once again to clearly know by one and all.
Zhopra Vero joined NNC/FGN of late and he was entrusted as Chakhesang Regional President, NNC in 1993. Then he was again entrusted as a Joint Secretary of the Naga National Council (NNC) on 19th July, 1996. Thus Zhopra Vero was sworn in in the name of Almighty God by L. Kaiso, Secretary In-charge, NNC on 22nd July, 1996 at Transit Peace Camp, Kohima. So Zhopra Vero offered a feast on the same day at Transit Peace Camp (TPC), Kohima as a sign of thanksgiving to Almighty God and the nation. Then Zhopra Vero remained in Transit Peace Camp, Kohima for a long time. His footprints and residing images in Kohima Transit Peace Camp are still so fresh.
Zhopra Vero was later dropped from the post of NNC Joint Secretary on 27th November, 2001 by the NNC through the unanimous Resolution No. 2 of the NNC Central Executive Meeting held on 27th November, 2001. And also subsequently Zhopra Vero was dropped from the post of Chakhesang Regional, President on 28th April, 2003 by the unanimous Resolution of the Joint Meeting of NNC Executive Committee and FGN high officials held on 28th April, 2003 due to his anti-national activities:
1. He secretly held the post of Chairman in a faction known as Re-unification Front (RUF) in 1997.
2. He was involved in the puppet Nagaland state election and threatened the publics with gunpoint and assaulted them by looting arms from 15th Battalion, Naga Army, FGN in 2003.
3. He involved in other anti-national activities too.
4. And it is a known fact that more than Six Crore Rupees from Pfütsero Bank had been looted by Zhopra Vero and friends in 2007 even after he was dropped from NNC/FGN. Thus a case was registered and the employees of Pfütsero Bank were suspended in this connection and the case may be still remained the same. Such is the nature of Zhopra Vero. It would be wise for him to discontinue his nature of anti-national activities.
Zhopra Vero is nobody in the national service. He is neither NNC nor FGN. He has no right to use the name of NNC/FGN. Therefore it is better for him to apologize and rest in peace.
Senior NNC Member

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