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Response on Mon, Phuktong and Tuimei villages on allegation

The three villages i.e. Mon, Phuktong and Tuimei villages expressed their surprised on the allegation that appeared in several papers on three (3) villages over the unfortunate killing incident of NNC (Home Guard) cadres at Tuimei village. The elders of three (3) villages clarified the incident as fallow probably, in the month of June 1964 the cadres of Naga Home Guard reached Tuimei village, the villagers welcomed them in the village and offered them food with pork meat. The cadres instead of eating happily, they threw out pork meat saying that they would not eat female pig. The elders of the village again brought male pig but the cadres once again threw it but saying that they would eat small pig. Suddenly, the angry cadres beaten up the villages black and blue. Thus, misunderstanding cropped up between the villagers and the cadres resulted into killing of some cadres of Home Guard (NNC) by the angry villagers. The leaders of three (3) villages tried their best to reconciled with Naga Government but could not achieved due to communication gap. However, to our dismay the Chief Angh of Mon village Late. Aluh Angh was killed by NSCN Government in the year 1982 and also attempted the life of Mr. Noke Ex-Minister in the year 1983 where his second son was killed which we felt it as an avenge for killing of Home Guard (NNC) cadres at Tuimei village on 1964. After more than 20 years of misunderstanding between Naga Government and Mon, Phuktong and Tuimei villages (Retd) Gen Khole the then C-in-C of undivided NSCN called the elders of three (3) villages in 2010 to his own camp, where joint prayer programme was held at Konyak Region-NSCN (Eastern Nagaland). In that prayer programme (Retd) Gen. Khole forgiven the three (3) villages for 1964 incident holding the Holy Bible. In regards to Y Wangtin Naga’s father allegedly killing of Home Guard (NNC) cadres at Tuimei village in 1964, the three (3) villages clarified that during unfortunate day Y Wangtin Naga’s father Mr. Yeamwang was not present. Hence, the elders of three (3) villages appealed our leaders not to target the personal integrity of innocent public although they may be the father or relative of the members of other faction(s).
On behalf of
three (3) villages,
Mon, Phuktong
and Tuimei
1. Wangpong Chief Angh, Mon Village
2. Thonwang Angh
 Phuktong Village
3. Khungwang Angh,
Tuimei Village

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