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NPF Kohima Division charge CLP Leader Tokheho

The outburst of the Leader of Opposition Shri Tokheho is nothing but an indication of his frustrated and desperate situation. We are compelled to issue this press release in order to make the people understand what sort of leader and person he is and his actual political situation. It may be recalled that he had defected from the Congress and joined NPF as the leader of the defecting group citing the reason that he was against the Congress policy on the political issue. He then became a minister and took advantage of all the benefits and once again betrayed the NPF on the eve of the elections and defected to the Congress as the leader of the defectors again. So he is actually a defecting leader and not a true leader of the people. By using defection politics, Tokheho has become one of the richest politicians with immense properties and assets which is actually a revelation that he is one of the most corrupt politicians in the State. Constant changing of his political color also exposes his lack of integrity, lack of principle and political stability as he is used to jumping from one party to another just for the sake of getting benefits. After joining the Congress, he superseded several other senior Congress leaders by using his money power to become the Leader of Opposition thereby becoming responsible for dividing the Congress house. At present he seems to have lost his balance as even in his own constituency and his own village he has been rejected by the people as prominent leaders have resigned from the Congress and they have joined the NPF. His political position is so unstable that he is presently in the search for a different constituency to contest the next elections. All these facts speak volumes of his leadership capabilities. Tokheho has also latched on to the habit of his Nagaland Congress colleagues by trying to misuse their high command to suppress the mandate of the people especially minorities and backward people like us. His policy of suppressing the people’s mandate through the back door and by using undemocratic means time and again to rule the people has been exposed and any attempt to undermine the Nagas will not be permitted by the masses. If they want to rule, they should understand that they have to work hard and win the confidence of the people instead of trying to use undemocratic means to govern the people. The people are the true voice of democracy and the Congress in Nagaland cannot undermine the people. The person who has established a reputation as being corrupt, bereft of any principle and lacking leadership capabilities has no moral authority to accuse or point fingers at others. Tokheho is a defection leader and such a leader cannot win the support of the people in any manner.    
( Kesoneilie Theunuo)                                                       
Press Secretary       
(Theyiekielie Tachu)

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