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Rejoinder to the Press Release of NPF Kohima Division

In response to the “NPF Kohima Division Press Release” which was published on 18th February 2012 in several local papers pertaining to allegation of defection by Shri Tokheho Yepthomi, the CLP Leader, the undersigned members are constrained to clarify the matter to set the record straight.
NPF has emerged only in 2002 from the erstwhile NPC party. The stone stepping journey of regional party entailed from mass defection from within UFN in the early 1960s, UDF in the 1970-80s, NPC in the 1990s and now Nagaland to Naga People’s Front. For that matter Shri Neiphiu Rio, the present Chief Minister himself originated from the UDF but won with Congress ticket in 1989 election, defected to NPC in 1990 then returned to Congress in 1992 and contested with the party ticket in 1993 and 1998. After exhausting full benefit as Minister of Road & Bridges in the first tenure and as Minister of Home from 1998, he deserted Congress in November 2002 at the fag end of the tenure and eve of the election in 2002. Maybe except Dr. Shurhozielie and the first timers, there is no member in the Council of Ministers who has not been a member or associated with Congress at certain point of their political career.
The pertinent point about the stated wealth, on the contrary is the means to the wealth accumulated, which inevitably will be proven once Lokayukta is passed within a short while from now. Let the accusing NPF workers then initiate steps disprove to the people that their elected members are corrupt or else leveling wild and abusive charges for public consumption will not suffice.
It is even more amusing for the NPF to talk about superseding the seniors. Does the NPF Kohima Division ever given a thought on the manner Shri Neiphiu Rio has outsmarted and thereby superseded his much senior Dr. Shurhozelie and became the Chief Minister? For that matter where are the other senior NPF leaders like Khehiho, Thenucho and Noke? Who actually eliminated their political career in 2008 election from within the NPF party? This is a public interested issue and perhaps the NPF Kohima Division should answer it first and ask the Congress later. Congress is a matured and responsible party where ability and integrity become the first criteria of leadership, irrespective of age and seniority.
Election of a leader decides who is accepted or rejected by his people and certainly not in the manner the NPF Kohima Division wishes to happen in 34th Aghunato A/C. 2013 election is coming and the verdict of the poll will speak for the Congress leader. Rather the NPF Kohima Division is advised to concentrate more on the intense suffering of the common people dwelling in Kohima Town due to scarcity of drinking water, leave aside water for other purposes. The capital city is bounded by rich water sources but the government has miserably failed to tap this resource, which is actually a matter of survival but unaffordable for the denizens. Can the NPF Kohima Division give a convincing reply as to how Rs.21 crores granted by Planning Commission of India in 2003 for supply of water to Kohima Town disappeared? Fortunately, for Zunheboto Town the public are enjoying the provision of water supply brought from the constituency of the CLP Leader, who actually had made this possible when he was serving as PHE Minister in the year 2002.
Finally, just because the NPF is in ruling today, they need not teach us the art of politics. Our advice is ‘keep your advice to yourself’, as we are doing what a responsible opposition party must do.
Treasurer, ZDCC

Zunheboto District Congress
Committee, (ZDCC)

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