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"Why only the CRPF; Not our authority"

•- Nagaland likes the tag of being a dry state with no control and action taken over the defaulters. To make the Nagas happy, the excise department conducts raid at times. But ‘Liquor’ is always freely available in our state. The sad part is that the authority and excise department always raid the booze joints run by the poor who finds it difficult to even make their ends meet. I personally know and have seen many popular restaurants in Dimapur where liquor is freely available. They are run by the big shots or people who have link with the parallel government. Yet no action is taken on them because the Nagaland Govt. wants to oppress the poor people of Nagaland or, are either afraid/being fed by those big shots.
The recent raid done by the CRPF 173 batallion headed by their Asst. Commandant brings laurel to them and they deserve to be praised and thanked for their good work. For me it seems they are the ones who care for us rather than our own Naga people. For the innocent Nagas, let me bring to your notice that those are the restaurants and lounges where our very own Naga brothers and sisters are being spoilt. The authority, student bodies and the owners never dare to ask and check the identity for under-age drinking. It’s a perfect haven for minors to start and enjoy the bad/wicked side of life. They then become the easy targets of the lustful preying eye.
Why can’t the authority of Nagaland do their job burdening it on the central force? If you can raid the poor places and publish with pride on newspapers; why can’t you raid the rich places? That will obviously bring you great pride. It’s no use trying to fool the Nagas without taking action on all equally. Where is the action taken on those ‘Alcohol Store’ that sells freely and openly??? The Nagaland Govt. is making a mockery of itself and a time will come when the Naga public won’t be able to put their hope and trust on your shoulder.
A humble request and prayer to our NBCC and our Nagaland Govt. ‘Please lift the NLTP Act’. That way we can have a check and stop underage drinking. Good quality liquor will be sold eventually reducing the harmful side effects on the body. I believe that there will be a great rise in alcohol consumption when the Act is lifted; but in a years’ time, the number will greatly reduce and the urge for alcohol will be normal. We are spending double on alcohol, so money will also be saved if the Act is many other benefits. If you do care for our people, please do reconsider your policy. It’s all on policy formulation.
Ura Uvie,
Kevi Naga

Use Electricity Judiciously

•-As we know that our brothers and sisters are having exams (HSLC/HSSLC/Degree), can we use electricity judiciously to reduce power cuts. Some of us just don't mind keeping our computers, Televisions, Heaters, Refrigerators switched on when not in use and that it consumes lot of electric power which causes power cuts. Atleast for this two months (Feb and March) lets help our dear brothers and sisters by using electricity judiciously..
Keviletuo Yano Richard, Kohima

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