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34 Aghunato ACCC rebut NPF Kohima on CLP Leader

The 34 Aghunato Assembly Constituency Congress Committee (ACCC) and AYC, are compelled to issue the statement in response to the press release issued by NPF Kohima division in some Local News dailies on  17/02/2012. The statements were without any substance of truth and purely exposed the jealousy and utterances of NPF party against the able leadership quality of Shri. Tokheho Yepthomi, the Congress Legislature Party (CLP) Leader and leader of opposition in the Nagaland Legislative Assembly.
That, the NPF Kohima division had asked the people to question what sort of person, leader and his actual position was nothing but a sign of frustration and desperation in the prevailing situation of NPF-led DAN govt.
It is none of the NPF Kohima division’s business to ask the leadership capabilities of our leader and his actual position in the constituency. The Congress party of Aghunato in particular does neither need the certificate from the NPF party to determine the leadership capabilities nor their electorates to elect him as the candidate of 34/ Aghunato A/C. 
It was the people of Aghunato who had elected him as our representative for the fourth consecutive term and who will elect him again in the next general election. If God’s willing, the congress party of Aghunato, assure the people and the Nagaland Congress party workers in particular that the CLP, leader will definitely return victorious in the coming election. It will be wise on the part of NPF Kohima division to mind of their own Division and Constituency rather than meddling in other’s.
Unlike the NPF party government of one ‘Man Rule’ and the ‘hereditary nature of their party President’s post, the Congress legislature party in Nagaland had unanimously elected Shri. Tokheho Yepthomi as the CLP Leader through democratic means.
The CLP leader had made it clear earlier that it was because of NPF’s anti-people policies and governance that he and many of the members resigned from the then DAN Govt. of the 10th Nagaland Legislative Assembly. Political defection is part and partial of political game and the NPF should not forget that majority of their top leaders who are in the present ministry were also defectors at one or some point of time. However, if the NPF Kohima division could not swallow the facts, they should read the booklet ‘Who Is Who’ published by the Nagaland legislative Assembly for easy reference.
On allegation of being corrupt, the NPF Kohima division should come out in detail with material evidences and figures instead of making wild allegations without an iota of truth. It is obvious that the NPF knows how to point fingers on others but does not even know how to correct their corrupt leaders and in a situation where corruption has become the daily routine affairs of the govt. from top to bottom.
The NPF should not think the people of Aghunato are ignorant of the day-to-day affairs of the Government while totally oblivious of its own ignorance. In fact, the people of Aghunato are fortunate and privileged to have produced a leader like Shri. Tokheho Yepthomi under whose leadership the Congress party in Nagaland is becoming as strong
as ever. This may be a cause of concern for NPF Kohima division making them worried and afraid of his leadership. Surely the wind of change is blowing and the time is not far for the NPF to ‘weep in tears’ for their misdeeds.
On development in the Constituency during the last four years, the Congress party of Aghunato have nothing to say except to remind the NPF Kohima division that the people of Aghunato has only to thank the DAN government for shifting the DIET centre from Aghunato to Zünheboto; the best gift ever received from the DAN Govt. It was the greatest insult ever faced by the people of Aghunato. The issue of shifting of DIET center will remain in the history of Aghunato and the people will never forget it.

Yours Sincerely,
1.Ghokheto, President,

2. Inato Sumi, President

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