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The facts regarding the reconstruction of Kohima Super Market

The present Kohima Super market which is in a dilapidated condition was constructed in the early 1970’s by the then Town Planning Department, now Urban Development Department, under the Integrated Development of Small and Medium Towns and handed over to the Kohima Town Committee. During this period the Chairman of the Town Committee was the Deputy Commissioner.
During a  meeting held in May,2003,  the Chief Town Planner informed that the Super Market was without firm foundation.  The wear and tear due to natural forces were causing cracks and weakening the buildings’ infrastructure. Hence the present market building is not safe and needs to be dismantled urgently . It would be cataclysmic if the area were to experience earthquakes, subsidence, earth slides, etc., if the building is not dismantled.
A Memorandum of Understanding  was signed on the 1st. Of August, 2003, between the Government of Nagaland, represented by the Deputy Commissioner, and the Local Traders Union, Super Market, given as quoted under:-
“That in order to facilitate prompt reconstruction of the present  Super Market building by the Government, the Deputy Commissioner, Kohima,  shall provide to the present tenants a compact site to enable them to construct temporary shed on temporary basis at their own expenditure till such time the New Super  Market is completed. That the Government shall give a period of 1 ( one )  month time to the present tenant to vacate the present building from the date of signing this MOU i.e., with effect from 01/08/2003.
In consideration to the above MOU executed between the Super Market Traders Union, Kohima, and the Deputy Commissioner, Kohima, the Local traders Union hereby agree to withdraw the case filed in the Gauhati  High Court, Kohima Bench, and the stay order  with immediate effect.
Any party wilfully failing to abide by the above agreement, the Government shall take any action as deem fit.”
Consequently, the Deputy Commissioner, Kohima, issued a temporary permit vide letter No. REV/KB/1/2003, dated, Kohima, the 25th. August, 2003, to the Super Market Local Traders Union to use the Old Nagaland Public Service Commission ( NPSC ) office site measuring an area of 5166 sq. Ft.  for the construction of temporary shed to run their business during the re-construction of the Super Market building.
A sub-committee headed by the Rtd. Engineer in Chief  was formed on the 23th. of June, 2010 to examine the present structural condition of the present Super Market and ascertain the suitability for the construction of a Multi Storied  building in the site.  The committee visited the site on the 19th. of July, 2010.The committee reported that  the building was unfit for carrying any business activities as the structure of the present  building is very weak. That there are prominent signs of imminent structural failure in the building – tension cracks in beams near the support , diagonal cracks in walls and columns, concrete peelings in the beams and columns and water leakage, etc.,.
A joint meeting was convened on the 11th. of September, 2011 between KMC, MAC ( Municipal Affairs Cell )  and the Super Market traders Union, Kohima.  It was decided that due to the approaching  Christmas season, which is the prime time for business in the Super Market , a sufficient period of 3 ( three) months time would be given  from October, 2011, to December, 2011, for the tenants to vacate the super market building so that the demolition could begin from the 2nd. of January, 2012. Accordingly a vacation notice was issued to all the tenants, wherein it was mentioned that the non-defaulting tenants would be given first preference in the re-constructed building. However, the tenants did not vacate the building  even after the expiry of the vacation notice. A  final notice  till the 20th. of January, 2012 was issued to the tenants to vacate the building.  The vacation orders and notices issued by KMC were also published in the local dailies for wide publicity.
Due to the non compliance of the order by the  tenants of the Super Market even after expiry of the final vacation notice, the KVYO ( Kohima Village Youth Organization ) was requested by the MAC under the Department  of Urban Development, to persuade the tenants to vacate the building and obey the order so that a world class modern super market would be constructed within 24 ( twenty four ) months for the benefit of the business community and the public  in general.
Whatever has transpired is unfortunate. There is no intention to cause any harm or loss but rather the construction of a Modern Super market with all the modern facilities is an urgent need for the capital city for a better shopping experience tomorrow.

Elizabeth Ngully,

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