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Rengmas: Are we really united

Frankly speaking my straight forward write up may seem a direct confrontation but allow this lay man to speak out his mind which may do good to the Rengmas’s as a whole. This writer is neither an intellectual nor a scholar or person of high caliber. The write up may hurt the sentiment of our own Rengma people but let’s digest the hard truth for a preferable future of the generations to come. I may be young and inexperienced so as to know and understand our own people or culture. But it’s high time to check what is wrong with us.
Internal threat posed a greater risk than the danger outside. It may seem inappropriate or rude to reveal the weakness that is threatening us through a media. But it’s time to ponder for a good cause. The younger generation ought to understand the reality actual fact that is causing a rift among us. It is not my intention to show any disrespect or to showcase my knowledge but to bring to a point of understanding to achieve the highest stability and security among us. To quote- Robert F.Kennedy ‘ Each time someone stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope’.
Many dare refrain from speaking the truth or play it safe or tried to remain ignorant least it cause unpopularity. To make it clear and brief feelings of ‘Ism’ is very much immense among our own Rengma. It’s a shame and disgraceful to ourselves as a tribe. Many a time we look down and condemn one another as if certain sections of the people are worth nothing. Feelings of self-importance, show of excessive pride, display of cowardice might, jealousy, self-centredness, demanding respect, egoism are some of the worse attitude that is practiced among us to compete and beat one another.
Hard to believe but non can deny the fact. There are instances of lack of proper coordination even in an office which clearly indicate ‘Ism’. Such action only reflects our arrogances and inability to co-exist which indirectly affects the entire Rengma. Even the Church Council, Churches, Frontal organization, NGO’s is not free from ‘ism’. If a person from particular range is holding a responsible position counter reaction is imminent that a person from another particular range should be given the same status and position. There are certain sections of the people who wanted to represent the entire populace without taking into consideration the genuine call of the masses. Such action reveals an imbalance and toothless organization. We never bother to uplift one another neither we know how to live with our brethren. For common interest we take it for granted. But we sacrifice our time, energy, money for our own selfish gain and purposes. Adding woes to misery we let politics divide us.  It is very much immature of a tribe. Playing politics on range wise, clan wise or dialect wise only weaken our understanding and unity. Leadership instability is responsible for our backwardness. Senior citizens, public leaders, politicians even educated Rengma’s are responsible for it. Our wise forefathers know what is unity and its strength. Unfortunately we ignore the basic principle as a united tribe. The word unity is just fictitious for us. Unity is just a make up for us and not otherwise.
Parents must teach their children for good and not fed them with lies or hatred for one another. Truth hurt but it generates a series of important lesson to learn. As a tribe we need to go for healthy competition with other advance tribes, learn from them even seek help from them instead of beating around the bush ourselves.
To conclude with a quote by –Ralph Waldo Emerson ‘Truth is the property of no individual but is the treasure of all men’.
Kehithong Tep
Tseminyu Town
Ward No-6

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