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No apologies intended

•-In appreciation and apropos the article of AL Ngullie, Columnist Morung Express dated 16th Feb 2012, “United Colors of Nagaland” I should say a very Valentine’s Day message to the people of Mokokchung District. However, this ‘feel good bubble’ was horribly punctured by the decision of the Ao Seden as evident from their resolution passed recently on issues of women reservation and expulsion status of Watsu Mongdang. Illegal Migrants maybe physically evicted from Mokokchung – majority being Muslim- yet their short duration of stay has definitely brought out the fundamental/heretic mindset of fanaticism (currently creating havoc all over the world) even in the attitude of the Ao men folk. Historically, the first tribe to embrace Christianity - no less in realms of education, sports, administration, technical personnel- the list goes on. Yet, it’s pathetic to see the retrograde trend/steps taken by the Ao Seden, even in elected Minister/MLA of the community.

Being a woman, mother, service provider – I am proud to state that the men folk in my life starting from my father, gave the biggest impetus to realize our potentials and render our best to the community and society – gender was never an issue. I guess a lot of us who have reached this level in our lives would agree with me that these breed of men are sadly getting extinct.

NGOs like NMA, Watsu Mundang, any Hohos have always striven to deliver a platform for issues and grievances. One may or may not agree with few or some of the agendas– but no well meaning organization has the legitimate rights to suspend/ expel or ostracize on grounds of not conforming to male dominated so called ideologies.

The moot point at the end of the day is that ‘you can take a man out of his village but you cannot take the village out of the man’ mindset clouds the logic on issues of municipal body/elections or any matter outside the article 371(A). One also wonders whether the intellectuals of our society are scared of their comfort zones to voice out what is right or wrong.

This article aims to initiate a positive and healthy debate – sanity and reasoning needs to prevail in our state for the sake of the generations to come without bigotry, fanaticism or suppression. Thousands of women in Nagaland are the sole bread earners of their family, yet they do not have the avenues to express their aspirations, rights and even dare dream for betterment. Their voices are muted and even the very platform or organizations to air their grievances for a better quality of life, is suddenly withdrawn from their feet ----- deserves serious debate.
Having served our people for the last 30 years plus to the best of one’s capacity – I put this challenge forward to all likeminded citizens of Nagaland – even at the cost of getting expelled/suspended…What say you?
Dr. N. L. Changkija
A Concerned Woman

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