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NPPC Bamboo procurement rate too less

•-The Akhoya villager have planted more than 3 lakhs bamboo rhizomes in a compact area encompassing 650 hectare during the last 6 years with the financial assistance from Nagaland Bamboo Development agency. Having successfully cultivated so much bamboo with sole objective of supplying to the Tuli Paper Mill, the farmers are now completely taken aback on the bamboo procurement rate of Rs. 1300 per metric ton offered by the Paper Mill. The offered rate has been rejected outright by the Bamboo supplier Association of Tuli area as it would not make up the landed cost of the bamboo to the mill. Few of us bamboo growers of Akhoya village were requested by the Village Development Committee to supply few load of bamboo on trial basis to exactly know the profit and loss of the bamboo supply to the Mill. Therefore, in the interest of the bamboo cultivator of the village, few of us volunteered to do the job and supplied five mini truck load of bamboo to the Tuli Paper mill incurring an expenditure of Rs. 45020.00 excluding the cost of the bamboo. As a mini truck could carry only 3.53 metric ton, the total sale value of the bamboo was Rs. 22945.00 only. Thus we have landed up with net loss of Rs.22075.00 without including the cost of bamboo. The cost of bamboo would be Rs. 12500.00 at the rate of Rs. 10 per bamboo as a total of 1250 bamboo constituted the 5 mini truck load. The net loss per truck comes to Rs.4415.00 and if the cost of the bamboo at Rs 2500.00 per load is added the total presumptive loss comes to Rs. 6915.00. Having ascertained the loss, as sane persons, we will not be able to supply bamboo to the Tuli paper mill unless the rate is revised realistically. The bamboo supplier of Tuli  area were right in rejecting the offer rate as they were very practical and prudent in their approach due to their earlier experience of selling bamboo to the mill. We were foolhardy due to inexperience but once bitten twice shy, we have realized our foolishness as we are now in a debt trap of Rs. 22075.00. Our concern now is not how to supply bamboo to the Tuli Paper mill but how to recover the loss so incurred.

The purpose of writing this news item is to send wake of up call to the State Government and the management of the Tuli Paper mill that no farmer shall sell bamboo to the mill if there is no marginal profit on their yearlong hard toil harvest therefore, unless the rate is reasonably revised, Bamboo from Akhoya cluster may not reach the Tuli Paper mill.
Takowati Jamir
Akhoya village

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