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Naga Council disturbed by AMWU statement

The Naga Council is aghast at the alarming statement of so-called Assam Muslim Welfare Union (AMWU), whose antecedent is yet to be verified, warning Nagas living and studying in Assam and India with dire consequences if Naga Council Dimapur is to issue identity cards to Muslims in Dimapur.

It is clear to all right thinking citizens that the press statement of AMWU is designed to whip up a frenzy of hatred and bloodshed amongst the peace loving communities of North-East India by mispresenting facts which is mischievous and most communal in nature. Naga Council, an apex body of Dimapur founded in 1949, unlike AMWU is not a communal body but a tribal institution dedicated to the welfare of citizens, rendering layman services for the past 62 years. As such, when a married Naga Woman was inhumanely raped, assaulted and beaten on 6th Feb’ night by 5 illegal Bangldeshis in front of her husband, Naga Council demanded that the 4 arrested culprits be punished as per the law of the land. Also, witnessing that time and again most of the anti-social activities like rape, contract murder, thefts, kidnapping, etc., are committed by illegal Bangladeshi immigrants having no respect for Naga culture, Naga Council felt the need to constitute a mechanism of ID cards whereby genuine Indian muslims are protected through proper identification, thereby differentiating the genuine Indian citizens from illegal immigrants. This the Council felt would curb the anti-social activities perpetrated by illegal settlers so that the muslim community is not victimized as a whole which is not only inhuman but goes against the secular theme of Indian state. Also, such a mechanism checking alien bangladeshis would be fruitful from national security point of view. Therefore, issuing of ID cards is neither unconstitutional nor extra-constitutional but rather socially expedient and a need of the hour.

For all its tough posturing, it is doubtful whether AMWU does really exist and if it does exist whether the members are truly Indian citizens.  Unofficial stats available to media state that there are 2 Crore illegal Bangladeshis in the country, with tens of lakhs of them living and flourishing in Assam reducing the genuine Assamese people including indigenous muslims into a minority in many pockets of the state. It is also no secret that with their overwhelming numbers they have taken control over the management of the numerous masjids and Wakf Boards in Assam and elsewhere. So it is serious matter when a group of illegal settlers with no constitutional rights talk about appealing to the PM of India and the Minority Commission making a mockery of the Indian state.

The fact that AMWU have warned Nagaland of bloodshed speaks volumes about the “welfare body”, that is, ‘Assam Muslim Welfare Union (AMWU)’.  The statement of AMWU threatening Naga students all over Assam and even India is to be taken seriously by the Assam government and the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). MHA and National Investigation Agency (NIA) should probe if AMWU is linked with any terror oganisations with serious repercussions if any link is found.

It is clear that the intention of AMWU is to discredit Naga Council by insinuating that the whole issue is about money when the core issue is national security and tribal security both. Successive Central and State governments have failed to protect the indigenous people and its land, especially in the North-East, forfeiting its bounden duty.  Therefore, when people-oriented organisations like the Naga Council step in to control the unabated influx of aliens, it is logical for vested groups like AMWU to try to discredit the organization by labeling it with various tags like “money-minded organisation” or casting aspersions on its integrity by accusing it of dividing “society on religious and communal lines”. This is what such communal organisations have successfully achieved in Assam thereby rendering the once powerful bodies like AASU to “papers Tigers”.

Naga Council is committed to protecting the cultural and political integrity of Nagaland state and any organization resorting to devilish and communal tactics to drive a wedge between Naga Council and other communities shall be dealt with sternly. Migraton as pointed out by AMWU is a common phenomenon and any Indian citizen, whether hindu, muslim, sikh or buddhist is free to work and live anywhere in India, including Nagaland. But unlike AMWU, migration from Bangladesh is not a matter of right and AMWU should be held for high treason on this count. The governments of Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Meghalaya and Nagaland are urged to enact laws in view of the changing dynamics of illegal migrant influx into these indigenous tribal states.  
Ntsemo Ngullie,
General Secretary      
Naga Council  

Joel Nillo Kath,  Fin. Secy
  Naga Council

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