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Muslim Council rejoinder to AMWU

The press statements issued by the Gauhati based Assam Muslim Welfare Union has shocked the Muslim Community of Dimapur and the Muslim Council in particular for issuing statements without consulting the Muslim Community or without knowing the ground realities of Dimapur. Where was this Union when members of Muslim Society weather legal or illegal population were committing one after another crime in Nagaland? Arif Laskar, President and Mudalir Ali, General Secretary of AMWU should have consulted the Dimapur Muslims before interfering in the matters of other states. The Muslims of Dimapur had never heard of a Union in Assam under such a name and style. Is it a conspiracy to Defame the Muslim Community of Dimapur?

Both the Naga Council and the Muslim Council Dimapur are trying their level best to maintain communal harmony and peace in their respective fields and are duty bound to help the Government to maintain law and order. In fact the Muslim Council is more concerned at the activities of the temporary migrants and illegal/floating population who has spoiled the image of the bonafide Muslims living peacefully with the Naga brothers for such a long time.
Ever since the Kidnap of a Naga Gentleman few years back from Dimapur to Hojai area, the Muslim Council has formulated some harsh rules to contain the crimes committed by any individuals. As such many community members has certain reservations against the Muslim Council for their personal reasons. The Muslim Council in its press release issued after a community meeting has decided that all Muslims to register their names with identity proof under their respective area Masjids or Panjaganahs so that the genuine and law abiding citizens can be identified leaving little space for criminals and illegal / floating populations to survive in the Community.

Different individuals issuing press statements against registering names in Masjids and Panjaganahs which every communities does should not be looked as a political move by the MCD leadership to gain publicity as alleged but rather should be appreciated by all right thinking individuals across community lines. May be these individuals harbor criminals or illegal migrants and wants that crime and influx should not be stopped.

The AMWU should also understand that as an Apex body, the Naga Council has also certain duties and responsibilities to perform for maintaining law and order and aiding the Government in certain cases. The Assam Union  trying to Communalize the Naga Council Dimapur without knowing the ground realities should be condemned by all right thinking citizens. The AMWU should know that the Naga Council Dimapur after the latest heinous crime of gang rape, has maintained a neutral zone and played the role of a catalyst to maintain communal harmony, and is always open to cooperation and assistance from the Muslim Community and at no point of time has created an fear psychosis nor had any evil designs as accused by the AMWU. In fact the Naga Council is making a policy to regulate the influx of migrants and maintain a record of all genuine Indian Muslim permanently residing in Nagaland without playing any dirty politics of earning money. The AMWU should not try to teach the Naga Council what duties to perform as it is a mass based tribal institution at the service of the Nagas as well as the all other Non-Naga communities in Dimapur for the last 62 years.

Can the so called Assam Muslim Welfare Union takes the responsibilities of all the crimes committed by the migrant Muslim Community in Nagaland? Nagaland has also a sizeable Muslim population settled in Dimapur permanently without any connection with Assam or other states. May be the same people who are accusing Muslim Council and its community based polices are also behind the press statements of AMWU.

The Assam Muslim Welfare Union should immediately contact the Muslim Council Dimapur for verification of their identity if there is an existence so that they can be contacted for clarification and withdrawal of the press statement which had tried to divide the Muslim Community from the Nagas on religious lines and the threat they have issued to the Nagas staying outside Nagaland.
Working President
Muslim Council Dimapur.

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