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Whose call is the 29 February gathering?

The three Naga Concordant Leaders: V.S. Atem, Zhopra Vero and C. Singson, purportedly authorized by their respective Governments and under the assumed authority of “having traveled the Naga Journey of Common Hope for four years under the Forum”, on 14/02/2012 jointly called a Naga Public Meeting of all hues of Naga Organizations to collect at the Agri Expo Centre 4th Mile Dimapur Nagaland on 29/02/2012 at 11 AM. Then 4 days after, on 18/02/2012 the FNR also called a similar Naga Public Meeting of all hues of Naga Organizations at the same Place, at the same Date and at the same Time.

Whose is calling this 29th February Meeting? Is it the Meeting of the so-called ‘National Government’ of
the Concordant Leaders jointly or of the Forum for Naga Reconciliation –the FNR’s?   
Assuming the Meeting Call is by the Concordant Leaders, then the call is desirably directed towards the others in the armed Groups who are carrying on a current deadly game of pick-choose-and-eliminate. Then the call is very welcome. The Armed Groups should negotiate among themselves very, very hard and honestly for mutual Peace with each other. The whole Naga Public can then be there in the Meeting but as OBSERVERS. 
However, a Meeting called by the Armed Concordant Camp to the Unarmed Naga Civil Organizations for settlement of a life and death question between the Armed Camps themselves would be like Two Brothers in the Bible in dispute between themselves for inheritance coming to Jesus requesting for a mediation.  I would not like to write here what Jesus said, as almost very Naga Christian know what Jesus said in reply. If the Meeting Call is by the FNR, then the question arises whether it is on behalf of the Concordant Leaders or at their request or their behest. If it is purely from the FNR independently, then it should have called the gathering independently without being utilized by the Concordant Leaders at the same time, at the same place and the same hour. The FNR represents the goodwill of the whole Nagas, in fact of every citizen of the land; the FNR is not a faction and on Peace Matters, it should be absolutely independent of all Factions, Camps or Groups. It appears there has been a lapse but Nagas can not afford to have any lapse in such a matter of this importance. An iota of mistake in the learned is heavier than a millstone of mistake on the neck of the ignorant.
Thepfulhouvi Solo

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