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Statement of eviction carried out on 21/02/2012 against Honito village

The following points to be stated during the eviction drive against Honito village are as follows: -
1. That the Indian Reserve Battaliion (IRB) did not committed any offence against the public.
2. The State Forest Department Personnel also spent 6 (six) hours duty as per order during evicton.
3. The State Forest Department personnel had given 30 Minutes to removed house dwelling goods/articles before the election had been started. However, the so called volunteers of TPO damaged all the articles by dao and other weapons and burnt down 53 houses (41 house built of CGI sheet and 12 house were kacha houses)
4. The Honito Village Baptist Church Building was also burnt down and badly damaged after it was burned down by the TPO volunteers, which was witnessed by the Hon’ble member Rajya Sabha Shri. Khekiho Zhimomi and his accompanying Officials.
5. The TPO volunteers also took away the following pet animals: -
a. Pups : 10 Nos
b. Chicken : 53 Nos.
These pet animals were loaded into the bus which were witness by the IRB personnels, DBs, Forest personnels and general public and a cash amounting to Rs. 7,500/- (seven thousand five hundred) only were taken by them.
6. On the same date of eviction in between 12:00 to 3:00 am (Midnight till morning) the forester had stolen more than 200 Nos. of chickens (hen) from the village (Honito Village)
7. Again on 22/02/2012, the 12 Forest personnels came to village at around 8:30 am and killed one matured pig (80 kgs) shoot by .22 Rifle and they also shoot many chicken with Air Gun and took away the same. And again Forest Department came on a bike and killed chicken and carried away on a volley ball net.
8. The properties of public such as Pig, Dog, Chicken and other valuable properties had taken away by the Forest Department.
9. The Eviction carried out by the Government (Forest Department) was not only against the public but they (Forest Deptt) also took away public properties. Therefore, the concerned authority may please look into the matter and take the action upon the Forest personnel as deemed.
10. It is pertinent to mentioned hereto that some Nagas were enjoying and sheltering in INTANGKI forest without any disturbance but some Nagas were facing hardship in the same step.
11. During these periods of Eviction in between 1993 to 2012 more than 200 men and women were tortured and dead. And it is a clear violation of human rights.
12. If the animals are more important than human beings the inhabitants human being living in Intangki have no choice but to live as animals. Therefore, the Nagaland Govt. should preserve us as animals.
13. During the period of 1993 t0 2012 the Govt. had destroyed many valuable things more than 200 crores of rupees, which should be compensate to us and we have also lost many human lives which should be compensate head to head.
It is compelled to clarify what had happened during the eviction drive by the Govt. Officials as per order issued by the Govt of Nagaland on 21/02/2012.
Honito Shohe
Head GB
Honito Village

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