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33% Women Reservation Bill: A misconception of democratic principle

•- The 33% women reservation bill passed in parliament is considered over sighted or unfortunate. The fact that the bill reflects the misconception or misinterpretation of Indian democratic polity. Notwithstanding the bill passed in the Parliament, the 33% women quota in the Context of Naga society in Nagaland state is irrelevant, undemocratic  and  contradicting the Naga customary laws. It is noted that the Naga society in time past lived together on the very democratic principle. As such there were no misunderstanding or problems arose. There was no reservation system or discrimination against anyone in time past. People elect leaders on the basis of capability and suitability in the Naga society. The Naga society is run by Naga customary laws. It is therefore, the aspiration of the Naga people to run their own society and people by their own system of governance. It is this will of the people that have prompted them to move for separate state of Nagaland. According to the Philosophy of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of USA, states that, The will of the people is Supreme. Democracy is of the people, by the people and for the people. There is no reservation principle or laws inculcated in the system of Democratic governance. Therefore 33% women reservation would be a failure in Nagaland.
P.Veswunyi Tetseo
Naharbari Village, Purana bazaar
Dimapur, Nagaland

Clarification sought from Finance Department

•- In regard to the news item "State’s fiscal contained – govt clarifies" on 19th March in your esteemed daily. The department says “Nagaland’s fiscal deficit for 2010-11 has been contained at 2.81% of GSDP". While it is true that the 13th Finance Commission report has put a target of 3.5% of GSDP. However when i calculated the ratio using GSDP constant prices (2004-05 prices). The deficit-GSDP ratio or the percentage of deficit to GSDP for 2010-11 was much higher than the one quoted by the finance department. It will be great if the finance department comes out with the actual absolute figures of 2010-11 GSDP and the deficit used in arriving at the low figure.
Limakumba Walling

Appeal to education dept to declare results of teachers’ recruitment exam

•- Through this column I would like to appeal to the education department of Nagaland to declare the teachers recruitment examination results for primary and graduate teachers, which was held on 21 January 2012 at the earliest. Since the concern department had already declared both the written and viva voice results for Hindi teachers recruitment examination within a few days even though it was held much later, is this not a form of discrimination where the concern department declared the final result of the examination which was held much later and withheld the results of the examination which was held much earlier?
Its high time these candidates, who had appeared for the teachers recruitment examination on 21 January 2012, fight for their rights in a democratic way, for if they don’t then no one else will do it on their behalf and one had to wait the results like some of the candidates who had appeared for the teachers recruitment examination in the 2003 and are still waiting to be appointed.

On job reservation policy

•- Since the 2011 population census had already being completed ,where  the social, economical and educational status of various tribes of Nagaland  are taken into account .It will be good on the part the committee, which was constituted to review the job reservation policy in Nagaland published their finding .There is a so called backward tribe which is  socially ,economical and educationally is as per with the so called advance tribes or even more advance and yet they are enjoying the job reservation by claiming that they are backward, but in reality they are not. For instance the Sumi tribe which is consider to be an advance tribe has only 17 Extra Assistant Commissioner (EAC) whereas the above mention so called backward tribe has 22 Extra Assistant Commissioner(EAC).More ever the Rengma tribe has only 2 Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) and 3 Extra Assistant Commissioner (EAC) is  labeled as advance tribe, whereas  certain so called backward tribe  has more than 17 Deputy Superintendent of Police(DSP) and 22 Extra Assistant Commissioner(EAC)  is labeled as backward tribe and is allowed to enjoy Job reservation.
In this way there are many flaws in the present job reservation policy. The creamy layers like doctors, engineers, son and daughter of ministers and other high ranking government officials of the backward tribes should be excluded for the job reservation policy. The student unions of the backward tribes should realised the as long as the creamy layer from the backward tribe avail the backward quota for job reservation, then these candidates who are really backward from among the backward tribes, who really are in need of job reservation for their social, economical and educational upliftment will continue to remain backward so long the creamy layers from among the backward tribes continue avail the reservation quota. Its a humble appeal to the job reservation review committee, which is headed by non other than the first Naga women Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer to do Justice to both the so called advance tribes and the backward tribes by allowing only these tribes/peoples, who really need reservation are included in the new reservation policy.

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