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NSCN Khaplang responds, clarifies

Whatever counter-actions the NSCN has so far initiated, has purely been in response to Kholi-Kitovi criminal offences and purely a corrective law and order measures against the dissidents gang and has nothing to do with Naga political issue.
The NSCN/GPRN under His Excellency SS.Khaplang’s leadership would like to make it clear before the Nagas and the world that the ongoing unrest and bloodsheds amongst the Nagas would not cease until and unless Khole-Kitovi gang revoke it’s sworn proclamation to obliterate the NSCN/GPRN as declared by Kitovi during the last FNR’s reconciliation meet on 28 th Feb.2012 in Dimapur.
To precisely quote Kitovi’s daring ultimatum against Naga national workers/political parties it thus read- “We (Khole-Kitovi) shall no longer talk about the issue of Naga sovereignty or integration but shall pursue an alternative arrangement with GOI for the Nagas of Nagaland, therefore whoever opposes this shall not be spared but crushed and wiped out”.
Knowing clearly that NSCN.K represents the entire Nagas from across the length and breadth of India and Myanmar occupied Naga country, that NSCN.K had never particularised or prioritised any Naga territory over others in terms of struggle and elusive settlement.
 Mr.Kitovi’s threat is directly aimed at NSCN.K and to sabotage the Naga struggle for sovereign, independent nation under SS.Khaplang’s leadership merely to find favour in the good books of India.
The NSCN does not regard Khole-Kitovi gang as political party, but a bunch of “renegades and soldiers of fortune” that has been sifted out from the main stream Naga freedom struggle. Their materialistic pursuits and inclination, rather open acceptance of enemy’s indoctrination and in-depth collaboration to stamp out the Naga’s struggle has compelled them to preach and act against the NSCN’s uncompromising conviction for sovereignty.
The infant Khole-Kitovi gang which was formed out of mess 10 months back, may only concentrate on it’s own survival within the confines of Nagaland state as rightly asserted by Mr.Kitovi, where as the sole Naga political issue concerns the history, present and future of every Naga which indeed is out of their reach.
Khole-Kitovi should therefore stop meddling in the Naga political affairs and must also stop confusing the Nagas of their gang’s agendas (Nagas of Nagaland) with that of International Naga political issue.
The NSCN/GPRN also affirms that, peace process cannot be dictated by the whims, fancies and conveniences of one group alone, but the process should be broad, reciprocal and issue focussed, where every stake holders must equally share or own the responsibilities.
Khole-Kitovi’s allegation of NSCN abrogation of peace does not arise at all since the NSCN has recorded in details every instance of this gang’s unprovoked attacks on NSCN starting from 19th Dec.2011 in Dimapur and followed by Kitovi’s sinister ultimatum to wipe out the NSCN which was announced publicly on 28th March 2011 and the same published in all the major newspapers the following day, the 29th March 2011 followed by latest attack and injury of Lieut.Aketo Sumi in Dimapur on 4 th April 2012 by Khehoi gang.
The NSCN’s retaliation is justifiable in itself, however what course of action has so far been taken on Kholi-Kitovi gang’s unilateral unleash of terror all over Nagaland? The Nagas are urged to evaluate the root cause and not to simply be carried away by the propagandas of GOI sponsored Khehoi camp.
The NSCN/GPRN shall not be cowed down by any threat emanating from anti-Naga forces gambling with Naga political issue in order to fetch lump-sum bait being offered by India.
Unlike Kholi-Kitovi gang obsession for part time settlement within the state of Nagaland, the NSCN/GPRN is prepared to go the longest way and face any hardships so that the legacy passed onto us shall be glorified and be handed over to future generations even if our times fails.
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