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This is Naga Christianity!

•- The Emblem that represents a Religion is highly revered in any Religion: the Cross in Christianity, the Crescent in Islam, the Trisul in Hinduism are great signs of respect and honor in the Religion. In fact people of other Religions even pay great respect to Emblem of whatever Religion it represents.
Recently Indian Olympic Association –IOA, was debarred from Membership in the International Olympic Committee –IOC. This means Indians Athletes would not be able to compete in the Olympic Games under the Indian Flag and Mary Kom lamented she will not be able to produce her best without the Indian Flag.
Such is the importance of A Flag or a Banner that represents a Nation or a Religion.
The Cross was in the beginning a sign of Shame and Persecution. It originally was a sign of Executions of defeated Enemies and of Outlaws for all the world to see and curse. The ancient Persians and the Empires before it practiced it. It was practiced by Alexander the Greek Emperor on defeated enemies and the Romans adopted it for the same purpose.
The Romans crucified Jesus under the instigation of their Jewish Subjects as a subversive person. The Cross was at first a sign of shame, and humiliation but Jesus rose from the death and the Cross became a great sign of Good Tidings of Life.
Christians do not use National Flags for Religious Purposes. The use of Political National Flags for Religious purpose is a clear sign the Users are Politicians of the World rather than Messengers of Christ. Small thing in an important Person reveals great inner Cavity; in a big Organization it indicates a cosmic Black Hole.
Recently 6 Reverend Preachers, 2 Pastors, 1 Dr. and a host of  great Naga Christian Preachers accompanied by great Choral Groups from 7 Churches of Nagaland and Manipur used the beautiful NNC –Naga National Council Flag to organized a great ‘Spiritual Awakening’. This is wonderful Naga Christianity in the Service of Jesus Christ!

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