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Keynote address during launch of Central Nagaland Tribal Council

Respected church leaders, presidents and leaders of the three tribal hohos, my esteem colleagues of the coordination committee, ladies and gentlemen present here in this auspicious occasion,
I am so privileged to stand before you to deliver the key note address on how Central Nagaland Tribal Council came into being.
Nagas, from which communities he or she belongs is a Naga by birth of one family, however it is disheartening to see that Naga people though very few in number comparing to other races, yet lives in a fragmented societies which is the reason why Nagas have suffered for the last many years and if this trends allowed to be continued we only see bleak future for the coming generation. In such a threatening situation the leaders of the Ao, Sumi and Kyong tribes took the impending danger very seriously and therefore shared the problems and thoughts in finding a solution for the last several years to bring unity and understanding amongst all sections of the Naga people and rebuilt the broken Naga house. Thus through the guidance of our almighty god, we are launching the CNTC today to act as the facilitator and harbinger of unity to bridge the gap of the divided Naga house with the motto “Unity, Brotherhood, and Fraternity” amongst the all the Nagas.
I may be allowed to narrate the sequence in brief on how we reach this stage.
The three tribal leaders after series of deliberation, it was on 23rd June 2012 resolve to constitute a coordination committee comprised of selected members from each tribal units to workout modalities and form a common platform. Accordingly all the units sent 5 (five) representative each and thereupon constituted the coordination committee comprised of the convenor, co-convenor, secretary and the members and begin its assign duties with war footing by holding series of meetings and reach out its respective apex bodies such as Ao Senden , Kyong Hoho and the Sumi Hoho. The three apex bodies were overwhelmed with the proposal of forming a platform for working for the unity and understanding of all sections of the Naga society and subsequently unanimously endorsed the proposal.
The coordination committee after the received of the sanction from the apex bodies, enacted a guideline and started working as per the provisions laid down under the guideline and finally resolve to named the unified body to that of the Central Nagaland Tribal Council to be functional within Dimapur initially with its headquarter at Dimapur Nagaland under the motto “Unity, Brotherhood and Fraternity” which is how officially launching today.
The CNTC pledge to the Naga people that it will selflessly and tirelessly work for the unity, understanding and well being of all the Naga tribes let it be Eastern, Southern, Central or whatsoever and vehemently opposed any divisive forces which tries to further divide Naga family. The CNTC further opposed any form of violence threatening the peaceful coexistence of the Nagas.
Lastly, CNTC welcome any tribal hohos willing to join the common platform to strengthen its hand in its endeavour for the betterment of the Naga society in the days to come.

Thank you all
Long live Central Nagaland Tribal Council and God Bless.
Co-ordination Committee, CNTC.

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