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Remove politicians and ex-bureaucrats from sports committees

•- It appears that in any management committee where politicians or ex-bureaucrats would be members, there would inevitably be nepotism, favouritism and corruption. At least, this is the impression that is widely prevalent in the country.
It is sad that even after the recent Commonwealth Games when thousands of crores of rupees were reported to have been misused or siphoned away, the Government of India has not cared to take any steps to discipline the sports bodies, order extensive and timebound enquiries and remove the corrupt elements. Now it has been given to the International Olympic Association, who have adopted their fair and ruthless policies to weed out the vested interests from the sports bodies in India by imposing a ban.
People in India  certainly welcome such measures of International Olympic Association while feeling sad at the same time. The people only hope that the humiliation now suffered by the Indian Olympic Association would lead to improve the conditions and would ensure that politicians and ex-bureaucrats in charge of the affairs who have brought such shameful conditions would be removed forthwith. It is really shocking that they have been holding positions as Chairman and Committee members for several decades but have not been held accountable for the poor performance and allegations that are haunting these sports bodies.
With the government of India pumping several crores of rupees into the various sports bodies for promoting sports and encouraging the sportsmen, these sports bodies have become fertile ground for the politicians and ex-bureaucrats. What is even more disturbing is that even after the stinging observations made by the international Olympic association,  the office bearers are still holding on to the positions and have not thought it necessary to quit the job. They are very thick skinned and shameless.
Those who suffer due to such sordid conditions in Indian sports bodies are the sportsmen and athletes, who have the talent and desire to compete and excel themselves in the international arena but they need to be given proper grooming, training, appropriate climate and support which are not forthcoming.
The ugly conditions in the sports bodies have been repeatedly revealed by several stories such as the coaches misbehaving with women athletes, selecting people in the team based on favouritism and bribes etc. Countrymen have been watching helplessly and with sadness, while the sports authorities have been behaving as if they are not accountable to anybody and neither the government nor anyone else can touch them.
It is high time that the Government of India interferes in the matter with sense of purpose and declares the minimum qualifications that are necessary at state and central level for anyone to become a sports administrator. The number of years that one can be a member of the sports body should also be restricted to a maximum of two terms and age limit should also be imposed on the committee members. It is also necessary that atleast 60% of the members of any management committee of any sports bodies should be sportsmen and sportswomen who have represented India in international tournaments at one time or the other.

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